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Careers at Vinculum

The Vinning Criteria: Vinculum's talent strategy revolves around enabling our team members to ACCELerate their professional growth. We look for professionals with an insatiable desire to learn, people who aim to over achieve and succeed. We look for people who can create excitement and dynamism in the work place. The culture and the qualities we look are captured in the tenets below:

  • Affability to Chaos (AC): At Vinculum, its Chaos at its best and the challenge is always to creatively maneuver them into opportunities. We look for professionals who have high affinity for chaos, willingness to experiment and drive results.
  • Organizational Citizenship (C): Vinculum treats its members as part of one big family. As such high commitment and affiliation towards the organization are traits we look for in the aspiring professionals. Vinners resonate with the vision and mission of the organization and are brand ambassadors of Vinculum at all levels.
  • Eternal Learner (EL): Each Vinner is a constant and eager learner. Freshness is one of the differentiators of Vinculum’s culture and it emanates from the constant focus on learning and development of Vinners. Prospective Vinners are expected to possess the yearning to continuously hone their skills and capabilities leveraging all available learning platforms. A key aspect is also the percolation of learning across functions and teams.


Here's your chance to join the Vinning team and make a mark for yourself.

Apply for the current Vin Hot Jobs. If there are none which match your profile, please feel free to register your career profile with us and we will be in touch with you.

Experienced Professionals

Vinculum values professionals with experience in our chosen industry verticals, retail, supply chain and other industries with the right technical skills. If you have experience in a product company which is open source and /or cloud based, we encourage you to apply. It will be a ride which will leave you exhilarated.

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College Graduates

We look for youngsters who are fast learning, show superior intellect and a passion to make things happen.

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Life at Vinculum - The Vinning Ambience

At Vinculum you just don’t enjoy what you do but also live a happy life. We want your journey with us to be filled with memorable experiences and moments to cherish. We offer exciting career growth, international opportunities, challenging projects, adequate training and excellent work-life balance. We follow the 90-10 principle. We only attempt to hire the top 10% people in terms of attitude and competence to work with us. Once in, our endeavor is to delight the employees in every aspect of their stay at Vinculum.

We ensure and encourage:

  1. Collaborative work environment.
  2. Employee Empowerment.
  3. Wirearchyand bottom-up approach to growth and learning.
  4. Career Management and Focus.
  5. Continuous Self Evolution.
  6. Every employee is challenged to become a partner. Ideas are evaluated and screened for potential. Ideas having great vision and prospect are funded by Vinculum to create new products and entitle the employee to become a part owner for that product/service line.



Employees Speak

Ritesh Arora

Trainee Engineer

"It is refreshing to come to Vinculum as a fresher where views, ideas and suggestions are valued and encouraged. It is exciting and rewarding to work for a company that is growing at a very high rate and you take pride in making a positive contribution towards that growth."

Jagdeep Singh

Senior Software Engineer

"I began my professional career with Vinculum as a fresher in Feb’09. Vinculum has provided me with many opportunities for training and career development with superb guidance and support. I have worked with several outstanding colleagues. They are just an extension of my family. The work environment is excellent and enjoyable with extraordinary feeling of job security even in difficult economic times."

Khushboo Wadhwani

Test Engineer

"Working for Vinculum has been like a Joy ride: exciting, fulfilling and challenging. It has been a great learning platform and an absolute delight to work with bright minds; I feel motivated every day to give my best. Overall my experience with Vinculum is like lemonade sweet and sour."

Deepak Goutam

Senior Admin Officer

"My journey here so far has been wonderful and has provided me with some excellent learning opportunities. I've grown professionally as well as personally. The admin role has enabled me to interact with and influence lives of stakeholders across the organization. The exposure has been immense and I truly cherish all of it."

Nitin Marotrao Kshirsagar

Senior Software Engineer

"Vinculum is certainly an organization that I ‘love’ working for. Open Culture, Challenging Work, High levels of trust, responsibility and Great minds to work with make Vinculum the organization to be at for me."

Background Check Policy

Background Checking Programs

Vinculum is committed to bringing the highest quality services to our clients. To serve that effort, Vinculum hires talented, client-oriented, and ethical associates to serve our customer base. Vinculum believes that hiring qualified individuals contributes to our overall success as an organization.

Purpose of Background Checking

At Vinculum a background check is an important part of the selection process, it is done to promote a safe and secure work environment and facilitates additional protection for our clients.

The purpose of a background check is twofold—to protect Vinculum, its associates, clients, and data from anything that may threaten the security and/or integrity of Vinculum’s work environment and to help assess the qualifications and suitability of an applicant for a position. Vinculum conducts background checks and pre-employment screenings in compliance with all legal and professional standards.

Background Checking Policies

Vinculum has a general global background checking policy statement that applies to all locations around the globe.