3PLs – The Catalyst in the Growth of Brands

March 30, 2020
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Growth of brands

In the field of supply chain management, 3PL or third-party logistics companies are outsourcing companies that support brands in distributing products to customers.

3PL is the right solution for brands that want to grow their business. 3PL retailing provides outsourced logistics services that covers everything that manages one or more parties in the contracts and implementation.

In the 3PL business, it is very important that this applies to all service contracts, including storage or delivery of goods.

3PL retailing share storage and labor costs for many customers and allocate the appropriate storage space and labor time needed to store inventory and complete orders. Instead of internal management, companies can opt for 3PLs brand management for hiring and paying the employees, especially if orders are delayed.

What is a 3PL used for?

Outsourcing of execution and sales processes has helped us increase accuracy, attract more customers and increase profitability.

It takes only a few weeks to consolidate and deliver 3PL logistics in critical areas. As a result, you will be able to sell products faster and expand your business.

To meet the performance requirements of the retail management, it is important to outsource the delivery and implementation. If the unique components of the work do not match, the brand can not be measured.

In addition to listing, in addition to product development, experimentation, sales, and finance, brands should use product reports to track how products are introduced and delivered to customers.

Brands that manufacture and supply their own products often overestimate stocks because they do not meet the needs and requirements of customers.

Complete supply chain solutions for factories, stores and doors for customers

3PL optimizes the supply chain to optimize the process with maximum efficiency. Better supply chain management and planning gives you more control over the process from start to finish.

Simplified multi-channel order

Expand and sell your products elsewhere thanks to viable operations and a network of first-class domestic and international retail managements.

Track orders and inventory in real time

Quickly process multiple orders from B2C and B2B customers. 3PL Fusion combines business and channels in one place and provides important data and information.

Manage operators with differences

Intelligent data delivery software, the intelligent Ecosystem technology, is designed to transform your delivery experience and get the best price from trusted suppliers around the world.

The right support

In 3PLs retailing, customer support is provided throughout the company, not across departments. Our partners mean a lot to us, and we do everything to ensure that order fulfilment and logistics are achieved thanks to industry-leading efficiency.

Scope of a 3PL

3PL gets working on conserving time for other and better productive tasks, improvising the functioning of the brand and saving money for the brand.

How does 3PL save time?

By providing 3PL brand management, the time required to manage orders is reduced, and overall errors are reduced. 3PL providers, such as additional product shipping departments for customers, 3PL support brands of quality control, compliance and safety in stock.

Inventory management software organizes and stores accurate information that is executed to help you match correctly in case of differences. In addition, 3PL-related inventory management software also handles complex workflows such as pre-orders, orders, and order splitting.

Can I customize 3PL for my brand?

Brands are often worried that outsourcing packaging will negatively affect the brand image. In fact, 3PL brand management often wants to go beyond custom brand specifications and packaging. Some 3PLs include branded inserts, shipping labels, and confirmation emails that require customers to remain genuine.

If your brand has weight-sensitive products, 3PL can pack products as needed. For example, if you have several products in one order, 3PL can pack the heaviest products below with specific instructions. Similarly, for aesthetic reasons, products can be packaged horizontally, large or small.

Can you save money with 3PL?

Saving money for the brand can be done via 2 steps:

  • Shipping cost: 3PL continues to ship the product, reducing shipping costs from suppliers
  • Packaging costs: In addition to the recoupment of the time spent by brand employees on the introduction and delivery of products, the costs of packaging outsourcing and transportation are also reduced

Evaluating the best 3PL for your brand

Find 3PL to save shipping cost

Some brands are looking for certain third-party delivery and delivery systems that only reduce shipping costs. However, other brands need additional services, such as return management or unique packaging. Since 3PL is very large in quantity, shipping and delivery discounts are often applied to it.

If 3PL is industry specific, these costs can be further reduced. For example, 3PL, which specializes in packing heavier items, gets a much bigger discount when shipping heavier items. If your brand sells heavy products, it is best to choose 3PL that meets these requirements.

If your brand needs additional services such as return management or special packaging, find the right 3PL brand management. The easiest way to find a 3PL that is right for you is to give recommendations and ask you to use a similar brand.

As per Carpentieri, “If you find a 3PL that specializes in niche, there are many different 3PLs depending on the industry or type of business.” “If you sell heavy products, you need a 3PL with multiple seats, ideally because you are working with one 3PL, not many.”

Warehouse distribution

Are you looking for a global warehouse or distribution warehouse to reduce shipping costs and expedite transportation and handling? It’s useful to find 3PLs with lots of brands in high traffic areas.

If there are several warehouses, the purchased goods are sent to the consumer from the nearest warehouse. This saves transportation costs and makes customers happier when they get to the front door faster.

In addition to the 2nd 3PL, which serves other regions, you can experiment with new processes and use tactics for further growth. Adding 3PL can lead to timely errors. You need a software or management system to manage integration and support your brand when these changes occur.

Processing Time

Today’s customers expect orders to be processed and shipped within 1 or 2 days. A 3PL search, which is processed 24/7 on the same day, can create valuable customer experience and facilitate resale in the retail management. Once you know the goals that you want to achieve and how 3PL is applied, you can identify the options you need to find later.


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