Frequently Asked Questions:

When you have registered with the product, Create master data in following order:

  • Create Vendor
  • Create items
  • Create channel

Now you can start processing orders using Vin eRetail

Vin eRetail allows you to register on the same channel multiple times. You can configure both of your accounts with the same instance.

Express comes with easy bulk item creation feature. You can use our simple item import feature where you can upload multiple items through a single excel file. Just fill in the columns which are highlighted with yellow. Your item creation will be completed.

Express comes with a COD orders reconciliation report so that you don’t miss out on any payments. You can use this report to check the payment status of COD orders.

You can use our simple pack order process. Go to order processing -> Click on pack orders Tab, and just type order no and click add. Assign packing and transporter details and confirm. Your order is ready for shipping. Print invoice and shipping label and you can ship the order. You can use this method to add multiple orders in a single window. Happy Shipping.

We support item level tracking. Go to Manage SKUs, if you want to do this with an existing item, click on SKU Code, On SKU Creation click on advanced and check ‘Is Serialised’ box and click on save. If you want the same with a new item then in Manage SKUs screen, Click on add new and click on advanced tab and check Is Serialised box. Now whenever you perform inventory movement operations, System will ask you for the serial no of the item. This serial no. will be unique for each piece of an item. Hence you can track inventory at item level.

You can use our change password link. This link is available at the right upper corner. Just click on forget password button and you can change your password.

In this case you can use Forget Password link in your login screen. You will receive your new password through mail ID which is registered with us.

To check orders from a specific channel, Go to orders > Manage Orders. You can select the channel you wish to from filter Channel. The system will display the orders from the channel you had selected.

To change the selling price of a product go to Master > Manage SKU. Click on SKU where you want to change the selling price. SKU create/ edit will be opened and you can change the Selling Price of the item.

If you want discontinue an item, you need to change the status of the item to discontinued. To do so, go to Master > Manage SKU. Click on SKU where you want to discontinue. SKU create/ edit will be opened and you can change the status of the item to discontinued.