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Quick Commerce

Enabling Quickest and most Convenient ‘On-Demand’ Delivery of Orders

What is Quick Commerce?

Quick Commerce refers to the delivery of goods and services within a very short time frame, usually within 10 - 30 min. It's a subset of e-commerce that deals with the small quantity of orders and caters to the consumers who are convenience seekers more than discount seekers.

The Evolution of Quick Commerce


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How does Quick Commerce Work?

Quick Commerce works by leveraging technology to streamline the ordering and delivery process. Customers typically place their orders through a website or mobile app, which is then transmitted to a local fulfillment center/Dark Store which is closest to the customer location. The fulfillment center prepares the order and dispatches it to a fast delivery fleet service who delivers it to the customers at their doorsteps, who delivers it directly to the customer.

To ensure fast and reliable delivery, q-commerce companies often use advanced logistics and fulfillment technologies and here is exactly where Vinculum’s Quick Commerce Solution comes into picture.


Quick Commerce Order Flow


There are certain challenges associated with each step in the above mentioned order flow. Vinculum’s Quick Commerce Solution helps you to overcome these to increase efficiency manifolds.

Challenges of Quick Commerce and
The Solutions by Vinculum’s Vin eRetail


Logistics and Transportation

To deliver products within an hour or less, Quick Commerce companies must have a well-coordinated logistics and transportation system. They need to have real-time tracking of their delivery agents, maintain optimal routes, and ensure that the delivery is made within the promised time frame.

  • Automation of end-to-end operations
  • Tracking every order from the stage of order received from customer to its doorstep delivery
  • 360 deg visibility of business critical data

Inventory Management

Quick delivery requires that the companies have products readily available to deliver as soon as the orders come in. This means that they need to have a well-managed inventory system that can keep track of the stock and avoid stockouts.

  • Delivery of planned releases/updates twice a month for forecasting and business critical data for analytics
  • Automation of SKU counts & Order status with zero manual intervention
  • Syncing Order and Inventory across warehouses as per customer demand

Workforce Management

To ensure quick delivery, Quick Commerce companies need to have a large workforce, which can be challenging to manage. They need to hire, train and retain a pool of delivery agents, customer support staff, and warehouse workers.


Automation of end-to-end operations reduces labor costs and increases efficiency.


Sudden High Demands

Many hours in a day turns out to be receiving higher demands than the estimated. In this case, the pressure on the entire delivery system shoots up exponentially.


24x7 support to handle demands

Our Customers


Customer Case Study


Read How Vinculum Enabled Swiggy Instamart to Change the Way India Orders Groceries

What’s in the Case Study

  • Customer background and the challenges that the customer faced
  • Project deliverables explaining the solutions implemented by Vinculum
  • Business outcomes after successful implementation of the product
  • Results and functional benefits achieved by the customer



We piloted with 1-2 Instamart Partner Warehouses in 2021, and we are currently using it across 40+ pan India, covering more than one million sq.ft of foot print.

Vinculum team has helped us to scale faster efficiently. The close coordination between Swiggy Instamart’s business team & Vinculum’s product team has worked well to achieve this success.

The team at Vinculum has a problem solving approach while keeping the customer centrestage in its solutioning. We are very satisfied with Vinculum and confident with the reciprocation, commitment & on-time delivery.

Karan Arora
Head of Supply Chain, India
Swiggy Instamart