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The Vinculum team has worked closely with Biba eCommerce for more than 9 months and has exceptionally coordinated and helped to manage our business across multiple marketplaces and our webshop. Not only that, the newer project of Omnichannel implementation could be possible only because of untiring support from Vinculum. We would expect the same pace and tempo from Rahul and the team (Vinculum team) in the future also.

With Vinculum’s scalable Automated Listing and Order Management Systems coupled with excellent customer support, we could quickly & efficiently grow our fulfillment services.

It was a pleasant experience working with Vinculum Solutions during the implementation of the Vin eRetail platform for Harman. The team was approachable and duly understood the demands of delivering the project in a live environment. Also, they provided us with alternatives to meet desired outcomes. Our overall experience for the Phase 1 implementation has been good.

Vinculum has helped us to streamline our B2B operations helping us to reduce TAT and accurate Inventory Management PAN India. The essence of this success is predominantly because of Vinculum’s customer first approach which was extremely critical for us to expand our distribution network during the pandemic phase.

We really appreciate the support given by Vinculum. It’s great to see both Nykaa and Vinculum have grown together and have worked through growing pains. We have indeed come a long way!

Vinculum eRetail have not only helped us to manage our inventory efficiently across all online retail channels but enabled us to achieve our Omnichannel vision also. The solution has helped us to manage all orders efficiently using the solution with almost 100% accuracy.

We started using Vinculum about 2 years ago and I must say that it greatly increased the efficiency in each operational department. We now have better inventory management,a centralised software for operations across all channels and much more.
The staff have been extremely supportive and have customized the software according to Scarters needs as well. Thank you for your support.

On Behalf of Skechers, I am very thankful to Sumit Karranji, Sales Head – Vinculum for reaching out to us whenever needed, and ensuring a successful implementation of the project. I am equally delighted with the diligent effort of the Project team – admirably led by Amit Mohan along with Rishab Patre and Harshhad Vagdoda to develop a custom reconciliation platform.