An efficient supply chain & seamless warehousing operations are the hallmarks of a successful Brand & essential to Customer Loyalty.

A seamless integration of warehousing & fulfillment processes with sales channels & backend operations ensures your inventory, purchasing, CRM, accounting and POS workflows are all running smoothly together- to serve the common goal, of keeping customers Happy. And at the same time reduce costs to improve profitability.

Our SaaS-based Warehouse Management System- Vin eRetail WMS supports B2B warehousing needs of large enterprises & enables B2C fulfillment for high growth Brands.

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Warehousing & Fulfillment for:

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Inventory Serialization

Inventory Count & Control have a direct impact on the accuracy, speed & profitability of your warehousing operations.

Our system provides an integrated solution to manage serialization not only for select SKUs but also for the entire warehouse & for printing SKU barcodes. Warehouse users can print multiple format for barcodes based on product category/vendor. The printing works seamlessly with any ZPL/EPL supported printers and does not require any other 3rd party paid software.

Batch Management of Inventory

Batch Management of Inventory

Effective warehousing operations employ Batch & Wave picking to improve accuracy, streamline process, space optimisation & productivity.

Our WMS helps simplify managing inventory of items with batch attributes such as Expiry Date, MRP etc. It allows configurable number of batch attributes at SKU level i.e some SKUs would require capturing of Expiry Date during Inwards while other would not. System creates Batches of Inventory in WMS based on combination of batch attributes and allows user to track batch wise inventory at all times.

Batch Management of Inventory
Virtual Bundling

Virtual Bundling

Flexibility in managing product variants, kits & bundles are an absolute essential for a modern warehouse in a multichannel sales environment, specially when you have thousands of different SKUs to manage.

Our WMS helps you accurately track these virtual combinations & eliminate mistakes specially when working with multiple suppliers & factoring in customer returns. It enables selling of virtual bundles by defining the Bundle Configuration i.e the Child SKUs and their Qty in the bundle. Our Order Management System then helps break the sales orders for Bundles into child products and also ensure that whole qty of Bundle is shipped.

Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules for Logistics Management

Automation and Logistics Optimization are neither easy nor cheap, however, are key factors for improving processes and reduce the cost of operations.

Our system allows you to define complex shipping rules for assigning transporter to shipments based on multiple combinations – shipment weight, dimensions, destination, source, transporter priority, serviceability, order types, product category and many more. The rules ensure the reduction in manual errors and save time spent on deciding shipping transporter.

Shipping Rules


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