Customer expectations, coupled with an increasing mix of channels in an Omnichannel world, drive complexity in planning & managing inventory.

Businesses today are rethinking their supply chain & inventory strategies to meet these expectations for faster fulfillment, free shipping & processing customer returns quickly (order and inventory management).

At the same time, Brands also need to focus on how to profitably service customers, creating a Single pool of inventory per product to which all channels have access & introduce fulfillment prioritization rules across fulfillment locations.

Our Inventory & Order Management solution helps you be in control of your Orders, Inventory & Returns through a single, real-time dashboard view of your business- across channels & locations (order management system).

Helping you retain customer confidence, profitably.


Inventory and Order Management System

Advanced Inventory & Order Routing Engine for a single view of inventory across channels:

  • Automatically manage & update inventory stock across channels & reduce stock-outs & overstocks
  • Provide flexible shopping & fulfillment options in an omnichannel environment
  • Delight customers by reducing fulfillment errors & meeting delivery commitments
  • Simplify complex workflows based on predefined service levels for part fulfillment, dropship orders, back order management or back-to-back orders

Returns Management

Returns are a ticking time bomb for online businesses. From the moment a customer initiates a return to when they get their replacement/refund, the clock is ticking.

Our system simplifies the Returns Management process by catering to all scenarios of returns i.e Non-delivered returns & delivered returns. It also allows users to create replacement orders or process returns against the returns as well and at the same time creates provisions for their inward process & count at the appropriate warehousing location.


B2C Fulfillment

Integrate sales channels, define & automate Workflows to process orders faster, fulfill through your Carriers/Shipping companies – all on ONE platform, built for eCommerce.

The eCommerce business model necessitates handling the complexities of B2C orders and returns. We provide the functionality to handle this seamlessly, allowing you to keep pace with dynamic and evolving business needs.


Integrations to Help You Scale- With Ease

Our 100+ integrations to 3PLs & last mile fulfilment companies help your team streamline business operations.

Your operations team no longer needs to switch back and forth between transporter/shipping systems and Order management Systems to get AWB (Air Way Bill) number, shipping labels and tracking status.



Enabling Multi-warehouse Fulfillment (inventory management solutions)

Intelligent Warehousing System for faster, cost-effective fulfillment.

Enterprises open multiple warehouses to minimize the shipment cost and faster delivery to customers. To achieve this, our Warehouse Management System identifies the most appropriate location for order lines based on customer location, inventory position, serviceability and also minimizes the number of shipments per order. Rules can be defined in the system to control the splitting of order lines in case entire order has to be fulfilled from a single location.


Advanced Shipping Note

Seamless Inbound operations for efficient warehousing.

Our Warehouse Management Solution, Vin eRetail enables you to manage shipments even before they reach your warehouse through an Advance Shipping Note Management process. This enhances your in-bound efficiency with advance visibility of incoming stocks that helps in efficient resource planning and allocation.


Order Fulfillment from Stores

Use your existing store network to fulfill online orders too.

Our Order Management System takes the feed of your store inventory and identifies the best store location for the order given the customer location, inventory and transporter serviceability. Using the order routing rules you can define the priority of stores, order splitting and other parameters to achieve the best fill rate for the order.


Stock Transfers across Stocking Points (Warehouses & Stores)

Inventory is the life-blood of any product-based business.

Inventory transfers across warehouses and/or stores are sometimes necessary for driving effective stock turns and order fulfillment. We help you track all such movement of goods from Request Creation to Pick/Pack to Shipment to Receiving at the destination.


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