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4 simple steps to become a seller on LAZADA

  • February 21, 2018
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The millennials have a unique perspective on how customer experience initiatives are executed. Especially in the eCommerce industry where information and user experience are critical, it becomes imperative for Sellers to choose a platform that provides maximum visibility of their product offerings and in turn foster high returns.

Given the unparalleled advancement of mobile technologies and the increasing number of online users, Sellers have realized the importance of selling online and differentiating themselves from the competition. eCommerce sales in SEA look promising in the coming years as per a research by Google and Temasek Holdings, which says that eCommerce sales in Southeast Asia will grow 32% annually from $5.5 billion in 2015 to $88 billion in 2025. This clearly signifies how big the impact can be in Southeast Asia and for all the eCommerce players operating in that market. But to stay in the competition, sellers have to adopt strategies that carry value for customers and make their online shopping experience a memorable one.

When it comes to redefining the shopping experience in Southeast Asian countries, LAZADA has been one of the top eCommerce Marketplaces that has created a dynamic and a distinctive shopping journey for the customers on the go. Sellers on LAZADA offer numerous types of products from accessories to clothing and electronic devices. If you are planning to expand your product outreach in South East Asia,  LAZADA should be on your priority list.

Here are a few steps that you as a seller on LAZADA need to know for witnessing amazing sales conversion:

1. List your products: Listing products on LAZADA is very simple. Sellers are required to do the documentation by filling in the details of their product online which consists of information like product description, pricing, color, dimension, weight, image, etc. To provide exemplary customer experience it becomes important for the sellers to provide rich and consistent product information. To efficiently manage your product information read – Why sellers on marketplaces need catalog management? To sell on LAZADA, click here: https://www.lazada.com/sell

2. Sell with ease: The next step after your products get listed on LAZADA is to go through the LAZADA seller center website. On this website, sellers get the access to the reports dashboard and multiple options to process orders, maximize sale, make payments, update inventory, monitor performance, and manage promotions via a single login. Additionally, sellers can go through the LAZADA university tutorials and videos to maximize their efficiency and grow their business. Here is what the LAZADA Seller Center looks like:

Lazada Seller Center

3. Shipping orders: Once the customer places an order on LAZADA, sellers need to ship the orders on time to the customers for creating a seamless experience.  LAZADA provides Sellers with two shipping options:

  • Fulfillment by LAZADA: Products are stored in LAZADA fulfillment centers, and LAZADA handles packaging and shipping of products to customers. Sellers are only charged on the basis of numbers of orders shipped.
  • Seller Self-Shipping: While Self-Shipping, sellers need to take care of the complete process of managing inventory, packaging, labeling, and shipping of products to individual customers.

4. Get paid: Once the orders are shipped to the customers, LAZADA will deduct their fees and deposit payments into your bank account every 14 days. With Vin eRetail eXpress sellers can sell and manage orders across multiple marketplaces easily and streamline your fulfillment process.

If you are planning to sell on LAZADA or any other marketplace, Click here for more information.

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