Advantages of Supply Chain Management in the Retail Industry

July 18, 2022
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The retail market makes a business’s purpose easy to access without a second thought. Retailing is one of the appropriate ways to boost the world’s economy significantly. As per a study retailing contributes to 40% of the U.S economy.

The supply chain is becoming more popular in the international market, leading to the customers’ widespread demand and satisfying their greed. And these days, supply chain management plays a vital role in running the process magnificently to manage the retail market vibrantly. Such a process helps in minimizing the expenses and raises the sales to funnel in a better way.

Supply chain management makes a company more responsible and helps its expansion with the help of technology and its network to flourish in the marketplaces.

For a company, the supply chain acts as an alternative weapon to survive in the market, keeping the low delivery costs in mind. It helps in customer engagement and maintain transparency with the crowd in terms of personal and payment methods. The system tries to keep the data safe and secure to eliminate fraud. This information is vital to engage the customer with relevant brand products to purchase online just a click away and get the product at the doorstep in real-time.

Companies have come out with the idea that supply chain management can help outperform competitors and win the sales race vividly. Such a process can be achieved only with the help of customer service. Once the customer is satisfied with the service, they will ask others to go for the same. The customer’s feedback and comments are valuable to raise brand products’ sales correctly.

The competition in the retail store has been skyrocketing for customers demanding full-fledged services. Retailers are looking for a variety of products at a cheap cost.

Few advantages or benefits of supply chain management are jotted below to serve the purpose vividly.

  • The supply chain management helps minimize the inventory lugging costs to attract the vast crowd.
  • A central supply chain management helps minimize the lead time so that it will be easy for customers or clients to access the brand products easily.
  • The supply chain management comes out with the best business strategies to run the model, including data accuracy, supplier choice, distribution for the retailers, minimizing operational complexities, purchasing, and many more to manage the business vibrantly.
  • With the best supply chain comes the best merchants who can choose mixed brand products at affordable prices to satisfy the customers.
  • Such supply chain management helps reduce transportation and operation costs at a reasonable rate to sustain the retail market effectively.
  • Such a process adopts advanced technology and software to manage the market needs and tries to help good bond with the clients to work magnificently per their needs and demands. The companies can use RFID and ERP to enhance supply chain management and fetch the attention of a large crowd.
  • The supply chain looks more into the quality of the brand products to serve the customer-centric purpose properly.

As per the survey performed by RAI, retailer sales have been hiked by 28% for a year and around 12% before the pandemic till March 2019. The director of Vijay sales, Nilesh Gupta, says the big companies are snapping the warehouse space as the sales of air-conditioners and refrigerators are raised by 10-12%.

Reliance retail adds 73 supply chains to expand the market to its zenith. The strategy and business development head at Reliance, Gaurav Jain, comes with the idea to expand the warehouse management to fulfil the customer’s potential.

Logistic companies situated in Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi-National Capital Region are counted as the best warehouse stores. These warehouses look into transportation in an easy-to-go way to manage the business model prominently.

Huafreed Nasarwanji, the chief commercial officer of logistics firm Gati Ltd, mentions that with the help of supply chain management, the quick delivery of the service can fulfil the customer needs and desires. Such a process is good to go with the business model to hike the sales vibrantly and fetch the massive crowd close to the.

To serve the purpose of the e-commerce services, the inventories are set close to the marketplace rather than located in one place. The increase in inventories always makes the work easy to fulfil the customer demands.

Supply chain management plays a vital role in managing the retail market as it comes out to serve the customer directly. Retail business improves the service and boosts the supply chain in upstream and downstream processes. These days’ the supply chain is quite competitive to grow the market needs and satisfy the customer choices to improve the sales funnel.


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