Best Marketplaces to Sell in Philippines

October 9, 2020
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top marketplaces in Philippines

The marketplace Philippines is a fast-growing market in South East Asia with the ever-growing vibrant population adept with the digital transformation.

With access to the internet to a dynamic population has led to mitigating the uncertainties. When the whole world is connected, over the internet, the eCommerce sites will see a boom and consequently boosting the economy.

The market for eCommerce in the marketplace Philippines will see a high when the Filipinos usage of the internet sees a surge.

There is low penetration into the market yet there is a large number of players. There are a large number of potential consumers from local and foreign who enter into the market.

The business needs to understand the demographics (online platforms Philippines) of the market for it to sustain and generate revenue. The top eCommerce websites are categorized based on the traffic it generates and Know where to sell online philippines.

where to sell online philippines


This is a leading platform that has listed all the products under an umbrella. Founded in 2011 by Rocket Internet and is open in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

A few years ago, the Chinese eCommerce giant Ali Baba acquired a great share and controlled the Lazada and its operations in Southeast Asia.

Lazada has more than 3000 brands, which marks its huge spread of products available with them.


There is a wide variety of products offered ranging from clothing, electronics, pet foods, and other daily essentials.

This website provides a unique web experience and is present in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Shoppee was launched in the year 2015, in less than 2 years it had more than 11,000 sellers on the platform. It’s one of the largest platforms in Southeast Asia.


This website caters to the needs of Filipinos across the nation. It is amongst the top 10 based on the users and the traffic generated by the visitors.

4. Carousell Philippines

The idea behind the Carousell was a mobile platform. The users were allowed to sell the products by selling any of their products.

Carousell is widespread across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, and Hong Kong. Carousell is earlier known as OLX.

The company arranged for selling car accessories, tools, and appliances and extending to clothing, shoes, books, and craft supplies.

Presently they have jobs and services listed which can be availed by the users as a service for their business or home.

5. eBay Philippines

The eCommerce website is structured to provide all general product categories as it expanded to business-to-sales.

Initially, this eBay is one of the leaders of US eCommerce websites that was locally available to Filipinos as eBay Philippines.

Consumers can find a host of products and can buy and sell apps philippines on a bidding basis or instantly can select the products.

There are chances of sellers choosing to sell the items they do not need. There is a security system, a buyer protection program, and also a feedback system in place.

6. Globe online shop

Globe online shop is an online store of Globe corporation which is one of the largest corporations in the Philippines.

Globe online shop is an online selling sites philippines platforms that offers products ranging from gadgets, mobile devices, apparel, and many offers.

They also offer products from the world-leading brands for their customers, thus increasing their base.

7. Metro deal

Metro deal offers promotions for various businesses like accommodations, leisure, restaurants, and the payments process it made it an eCommerce business.

For consumers who want new experience can enjoy offers for beauty products, Lasik surgery, fitness classes, courses, and many more.

Metro has an app which is available for android and iPhones enables easy use of the platform.

Recently it launched products like electronic gadgets and household items for consumers at affordable rates. This effective model led to a market expansion from the marketplace Philippines to Malaysia and Thailand.

8. Beauty MNL

There is a group of people following the Beauty MNL that hosts homegrown beauty products to International beauty products.

This is one of the leading platforms which hosts a variety of beauty products with a motto to make their consumer’s beauty all day.

Beauty MNL has a wide variety of products had curated for its customers. It is a specialized retail online store exclusively selling beauty, fashion products in selling sites philippines.

Coupled with the magazine audience, the products, and services available are highlighted to the audience.

9. Argomall

Argomall is a specialist in smartphones selling authentic products with Philippines’ warranty. Their idea is to provide a convenient selling platform philippines for the buyers to explore, select, and enjoy the services provided by them.

It is also to ensure smooth and efficient service on the internet to its target audience. Argomall takes pride in providing excellent and customized service for its customers.


This marketplace Philippines says buy and sell apps philippines products not in the Philippines as they import products from the US and China and sell the products to Filipinos at their doorstep.

Their website shows an array of products ranging from appliances to baby care products. They also sell industrial and scientific products making it convenient for Filipinos to buy the products which are not available in the Philippines.

There are a variety of services, product, offered online for the people of the marketplace Philippines online, is up to the consumer to select what he needs from the plethora of service. The trust the customers have on these online selling platform philippines have to be intact by the organizations owning these services. The quality of the products and services are to be well maintained to make these customers come back to them.

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