Bilt partners with Vinculum to accelerate growth

November 3, 2016
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Bilt partners with Vinculum to accelerate growth

 All about Bilt

Bilt Paper B.V. is India’s and Malaysia’s largest manufacturer of Writing and Printing (W&P) paper.

BILT made its foray into the B2B space around five years ago through P3, which stands for Paper Print Pens. The company’s efforts in expanding its customer base and building an efficient supply chain have enabled it to stay on the growth trajectory. With its increasing customer base, growing understanding of consumer insights, a large but relevant portfolio, and a responsive supply chain, the business is well poised to expand its footprint in B2B space.

Key Challenges

Bilt partnered with Vinculum Solutions when it ventured to its online marketplace to allow sellers to sell their products online and offer customers the convenience to order from a wide range of products.

Bilt required a solution that would

  • Manage its wide vendor base and optimize the cost, quality, and delivery schedules.
  • Setup of warehouse systems to support the business.
  • Manage complex business processes to handle internal operations and interface with vendor managed operations.

The Vinculum Solution

Our end to end retail suite, Vin eRetail, enabled Bilt to streamline their business processes, order management, and scale up its operations. It delivered the following –

  • Implementation of Vin eRetail to streamline business processes, order management, administration.
  • Implementation of Vin Supplier Portal to manage vendors
  • End-to-end real-time visibility and standardization of business processes
  • Warehouse Management System to manage the warehouses of Bilt.
  • Reduced delivery times from online vendors to customers
  • Reduced inventory costs and improved order fulfillment times
  • Extensive MIS reporting to keep sharp track of delivery KPIs
  • Automated order processing

Additionally, Vin eRetail was integrated with 3rd party systems such as Oracle Financials, MartJack. Vinculum integrated with Delhivery systems to facilitate 3PL services for BILT marketplace, API integrations for orders, shipments Information, and returns.

Read the complete story of how we helped Bilt here.

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