Empowering Brands with Vin OMS: The Ultimate Omni Channel Solution

May 24, 2024
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Empowering Brands with Vin OMS: The Ultimate Omni Channel Solution | Vinculum Group

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, having a robust operational backbone is essential for brands looking to thrive across multiple channels. Vin OMS offers an integrated solution that combines Order Management System (OMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), and Omni Channel Apps to empower brands to sell on marketplaces, through webstores, and be discoverable via Google Shopping and other social channels. 

Vin OMS is a versatile product which caters to multiple industry nuances including expiry dates, perishables, IMEI codes and thereby enables brands from Fashion, Beauty and Cosmetics, Healthcare and Pharmacy, Jewelry, Home Improvement, Sports, Toys, Electronics, FMCG, Grocery to easily scale across channels.  This blog explores the different aspects of critical importance for an omni channel brand to scale. 

Omni Channel Sales and Discoverability

Managing product listings and sales across various marketplaces, webstores, and social media used to feel like juggling chainsaws. Vin OMS changes that. It’s a powerful omnichannel commerce solution that brings all these channels together into one centralised platform, making your sales journey seamless and efficient.

Expanding Market Reach:

Vin OMS enables brands to seamlessly list and manage their products on multiple online marketplaces and webstores, increasing visibility and sales potential.

Integration with Social and Google Shopping

With Vin OMS, brands can enhance their discoverability on platforms like Google Shopping and through social media channels, leveraging the built-in tools to sync their catalog with these platforms, thus driving traffic and conversions.

Flexible Fulfilment Options to Meet Your Needs

Vin OMS offers a variety of fulfilment models to cater to your specific business needs:

Ship by Brand (Dropship):

This model allows you to ship orders directly. This model allows you to offer a wider product selection without the burden of holding inventory yourself. Vin OMS seamlessly connects you with dropshipping suppliers, enabling you to fulfil orders directly to your customers. This is ideal for businesses looking to test new product lines or minimise upfront investment costs.

Ship by Marketplace

Leverage the existing logistics infrastructure of established marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Vin OMS integrates with these platforms to streamline order fulfilment, reducing your operational burden and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business, such as product development and marketing.

Fulfilling from Multiple Sources: 

For businesses with geographically dispersed inventory or a network of franchisees and distributors, Vin Order Management System offers the ability to manage and fulfil orders from various locations. This allows for optimised inventory distribution and faster order fulfilment, especially for customers located in remote areas.

Mastering the Complexities: Handling Unique Product Requirements

Vin OMS caters to businesses selling products with specific requirements, ensuring smooth operations and efficient management –

Perishable Goods:  

Vin OMS helps track and manage expiry dates, ensuring safety compliance and minimizing waste with alerts and automated stock rotation.

Electronic Inventory with IMEI Codes:  

Vin OMS enables efficient tracking of electronics using IMEI codes, ensuring accurate records for warranty management and fraud prevention.

Enhancing Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations

Warehouse operations play a critical role in ensuring timely order fulfilment and customer satisfaction. Vin OMS integrates a powerful Warehouse Management System (WMS) to optimise your warehouse processes:

Automated Warehouse Management

Reduce errors and enhance efficiency with automated processes for inventory management, picking, and packing. Vin OMS optimises storage space allocation and streamlines order fulfilment workflows.

Quick Commerce Ready

The rise of quick commerce demands efficient fulfilment for rapid deliveries within a short time frame. Vin OMS seamlessly coordinates between multiple warehouses and distribution centres, ensuring timely deliveries and meeting the expectations of quick commerce customers. This allows you to capitalise on the growing demand for fast and convenient delivery options.

Enabling Fast Deliveries Nationwide

Fast and cost-effective product delivery is essential for building customer loyalty and ensuring repeat business. Vin OMS empowers you with the tools and functionalities to achieve this:

Optimised Logistics:

Select the most efficient shipping methods based on cost, delivery time, and geographical reach. Vin OMS integrates seamlessly with various logistics partners, providing you with a wide range of shipping options to choose from.

Scalable for Growth:

As your business expands, Vin OMS scales with you. Whether you’re fulfilling orders from urban hubs or venturing into remote regions, Vin Order Management System can handle the increased demand without compromising on delivery speed.


Vin OMS is more than just an order management system; it’s a comprehensive omnichannel commerce solution designed to optimise your entire sales operation. By streamlining order and warehouse management, catering to complex products, and offering a variety of fulfilment options, Vin OMS empowers you to sell more effectively while enhancing customer satisfaction through improved service delivery. As a result, Vin OMS positions you to thrive in today’s dynamic e-commerce landscape, allowing you to seamlessly manage and grow your business across all channels.


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