Catch the e-commerce ecosystem enablers @ Booth #6, etailing Mumbai

February 7, 2017
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eTailing India Expo Mumbai 2017

The 5th edition of eTailing India Expo, Mumbai edition (8th & 9th Feb, Sahara Star Hotel) is around the corner and Vinculum & Sokrati are gearing up for the mega show that brings together some of the best minds, technologies, practices and strategies in and around the retail and eCommerce ecosystem.

The agenda and stage will be host to some of the leading thought leaders and CxOs in the Industry who will set things on a roll with a plethora of topics intended towards a collective growth of the industry. Panel discussions, keynote speeches, workshops and thought-provoking Q&A’s will add fuel to the fire as 70+ exhibitors showcase, pitch and promote their path-breaking solutions and innovations to the entire attendance at the show.

Enabling the eCommerce ecosystem is the tag team combination of Vinculum and Sokrati at Booth # 6. Both the companies under the tag of eCommerce Ecosystem Enablers will show how they are helping eCommerce players grow their businesses and revenue manifold and will UNLEASH THE POWER OF 1, as a part of which, eCommerce businesses can understand how they can leverage – One platform to manage multi-channel orders, inventory & returns across channels with Vinculum and how Sokrati can offer them One platform to manage & automate digital marketing campaigns across channels. Also planned are some really exciting offers for all eTailing India expo attendees.

eTailing India Expo Offer

On the thought leadership front, Venkat Nott, Founder & CEO, Vinculum Group will share the main stage with other industry stalwarts on Day 1 (8th Feb) at 12.15 PM for a panel discussion, topic – Cross Border: Approaches for expanding abroad. Followed by a keynote speech at 4.15 PM, topic – Scaling your eCommerce business – Local & Global Opportunities where he will share his experiences on how some of the leading retail and eCommerce businesses across the globe have leveraged upon Vinculum’s SaaS-based order management and fulfillment suite to undertake cross-border fulfillment and offline to online to offline transformation.

Rohit Kelkar, Director Sales & Business Development, Sokrati will share his experiences of taking some of the leading eCommerce players towards success and growth using customer data and experiences during his panel discussion, topic – Leveraging Data to create a seamless customer experience. Day 1 (8th Feb, 1 PM onwards, Center Stage)

Adding to the tally is Amit Thapliyal, Global Head Marketing & Digital Initiatives, Vinculum Group who will speak at length about how the marketing scenario is evolving and how consumer mindsets are transforming during his panel discussion, topic – Educating the customer – Leading to Better Sales. Day 2 (9th Feb, 12.15 PM onwards, Center Stage)

Catch us live at Booth # 6.


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