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Fabity fuels their eCommerce journey with Vinculum

  • September 7, 2016
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All about Fabity:

Fabity is a leading fashion-curating brand that aspires to bring together the latest designs/products from handpicked designers, eCommerce marketplaces & traditional markets on a single platform in India.

Key Challenges:

Defining affordable fashion in the country, Fabity needed an eCommerce solution that would help streamline its order management and inventory management processes.

Fabity partnered with Vinculum to handle critical business functions such as Order and Inventory Management.

They required a solution that –

  • Provided real-time visibility of inventory
  • Synchronized front end and back end operations for higher turnaround times.
  • Delivered the ability to handle bulk orders
  • Enabled order tracking across multiple geographies

The Vinculum Solution:

Vin eRetail, our end to end retail suite helped the online retailer attain greater productivity levels, reduce inefficiencies and scale up its operations. It delivered the following –

  • Real-time end to end inventory visibility to keep a check on inventory levels.
  • An efficient order management system which reduced order processing times.
  • Shipment tracking which led to reduced turnaround times.
  • A single interface for the all procurement related details – fast-moving inventory, purchase orders etc.
  • An efficient returns management system.

The implementation of our solution automated their operations.

This reduced their order fulfillment cycles, increasing efficiency for the online retailer.

Read the complete story of how we helped Fabity here.

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