Vinculum Is Featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS, 3rd Time in a Row

May 29, 2019
Akash Jain
Written by:
Akash Jain
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For the 3rd consecutive year Vinculum has been featured in ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems’.

Based on research with leading warehouse management solution companies all over the world, Gartner recognizes top WMS solution providers in its Magic Quadrant.

But, how does Gartner define WMS?

Gartner defines a warehouse management system (WMS) as “a software application that helps manage and intelligently execute the operations of a warehouse or distribution center (DC).”

According to them, WMS applications offer capabilities such as receiving, put-away, stock locating, inventory management, cycle counting, task interleaving, wave planning, order allocation, order picking, replenishment, packing, shipping, labor management and automated materials handling equipment (MHE) interfaces.

These systems natively exploit mobile devices along with bar-code and, possibly, RFID scanning/sensing to form the transactional foundation of a WMS.

This enables efficiencies of directed work activity and the delivery of accurate information in near real time. Gartner includes integrated functionality as components of a WMS evaluation.

These include labor management, slotting, yard management, voice picking, parcel manifesting, value-added services, light manufacturing/kitting and third-party logistics (3PL) billing.

So, how do they position WMS vendors in Magic Quadrant?

Based on WMS functionalities, Gartner has defined 5 levels in which each functionality fits and based on these levels, Gartner defines the position of each vendor in the magic quadrant.

And, how did Vinculum perform this year?

Our Vin eRetail WMS which suited best for Level 1 warehouse operations in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant can now offer robust Level 2 and Level 3 warehousing operations. And, with the help of our partners we can support upto Level 4 and Level 5 warehouses as well.

According to Gartner’s WMS Report, “Vinculum’s WMS is best-suited to paper- or mobile-based manual Levels 2 and 3 warehouse operations.

Vinculum is beginning to expand its reach into Levels 4 and 5 warehouse operations via partnerships with third-party task, labor and yard management solution providers as well as some providers of autonomous mobile robots.”

That’s great news! Tell me more about Vin eRetail WMS

Vinculum’s Vin eRetail WMS is a robust warehouse management system designed for B2B and B2C fulfillment. See how Vinculum’s Vin eRetail WMS benefits brands, distributors, retailers, marketplaces and 3PLs.

Author Bio:
An MBA marketing graduate from IIM, Akash Jain works at Vinculum group, where he manages product marketing, content and social media marketing. An ardent learner of new things, he is passionate about scaling up marketing operations, implementing new-age marketing automation and customer psyche.
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