How to find the OMS that works for your Business

April 28, 2022
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The pathbreaking 2020 emerged out of nowhere and changed consumer habits forever. A McKinsey study reveals that industries showed ten years’ worth of growth spurted in three short months. Supply chains left strained eventually led to the reevaluation of operations.

Shopping has become an online affair, with 73% of customers using several channels while purchasing. This implies complex tasks like adding sales channels and keeping up with customer expectations while managing orders now need to be addressed at once.

A solution to simplify your business: Order Management System

What is an eCommerce Order Management System (OMS)?

A software that heroes are tracking sales, inventory, orders, fulfillment alongside completing multiple orders. Order Management System, known as OMS, is modern technology that accelerates business processes with automation.

OMS helps reduce the complexity of tasks, treating the entire supply chain as one integrated ecosystem. This way, merchants can automate internal processes until fulfillment and returns from the order. A good OMS entails:

  • Route insights from warehouses based on proximity to arrival point and inventory tracking
  • Update inventory insights across sales channels and systems in real-time
  • Give access to order details for the warehouse team to complete fulfillment
  • Track orders and returns with ease for customers and customer support teams
  • Manage and forecast stock levels on a timely basis
  • Handle back orders, returns, and more

To help your Business pick the suitable OMS, know all about it:

Why get an OMS for your Business

When a user clicks “Buy” and purchases a product, many processes begin simultaneously. Your inventory needs to be at par with business needs and aligned across channels. With OMS, your order fulfillment processes and other data will be recorded, analyzed, and evaluated.

A good OMS touches operations for seamless order fulfillment:

  • Customer profile management
  • Order management to fulfillment
  • Negotiating carrier shipping costs and discounts
  • Inventory management at multiple locations
  • Backorder management
  • Customer Service
  • Retail store replenishment
  • Returns and refunds
  • Wholesale order management
  • Multiple sales management, promotions, and marketing

With the direct-to-consumer strategy on the rise and multichannel distribution for best ROI, your business needs to handle allocation across channels.

When to Invest in OMS for Your Business?

If your business’s order volumes are expected to be rising, or if the supply chain tends to overshadow your operations, it’s time to make some decisions.

With OMS, your business will be receiving attention in all strata of your orders, giving you time to work towards your business’s growth. Focus without worrying about deliveries, inventory management, or losing your margins with OMS.

How to Choose OMS for your Business – A Checklist

Use this checklist while picking a scalable OMS for your business:

  • Modern, secure, and well-maintained software
  • Integrates all eCommerce tools
  • Find all data in one place
  • Follows an omnichannel strategy
  • Scales efficiently when business skyrockets
  • Customizable as per brand goals

Order Management System Features, Functions, and Capabilities

OMS is a beautiful advancement developed to overcome potential blocks in order fulfillment and business management. This new wave of OMS will help businesses work with a business ERP system and human workforce for a productive, profitable, and accurate order management cycle.

Here are features, capabilities, and functions your Business can enjoy with OMS:

  • Inventory management to keep complete track of restocking items, data insights, items closing to expiration, and more.
  • Order pickup to package with real-time tracking of inventory, orders, and related tasks
  • Order shipment and fulfillment of orders from order confirmation to order completIon to returns and product damage management.
  • Integration of suppliers to communicate with the spunkiest regarding the supply chain demands and ever-changing trends
  • Integration with technology with access to your Business OMS anytime, anywhere.
  • Value-Added Services with room for customization of orders, additional services, and more

Benefits of OMS You’ll Love

You read that right. With OMS, you don’t need Spreadsheets. OMS provides automated access to every step in sales, saves time and money, minimizes human error, and boosts financial accuracy.

A true OMS supports an entire customer lifecycle and improves overall customer experiences. Here are the top benefits of switching to an OMS:

  • Find your orders and inventory at one location 

Owning a centralized system makes it convenient for companies to implement omnichannel ecosystems. With OMS, protect your Business against customer service, order management, and incurred losses during manual updates. It’s time to turn leads into customers and low inventories into always ready-to-do business inventories.

  • Streamline operations with automation 

Automation is the future, and OMS is automated! Switch from multiple expensive systems to an integrated solution. Save your business money and time while working towards data analysis, product innovation, etc.

  • Improve Inventory Management 

One of the biggest challenges that cost millions of dollars in the US alone is resolved with OMS. Access real-time inventory insights from availability to quantity to warehouse and other details.

  • Reduce expenses

Manage customer service, order fulfillment, marketing, and inventory management for your Business; this helps reduce expenses. OMS is a one-stop shop for businesses looking to expand locally at the best rates. Based on various OMSs, some also provide comparisons between competitors for data analysis.

  • Access your Business from anywhere

As long as it’s you, access your business anywhere. With OMS, you can process orders remotely, anytime. This results in better customer experiences, greater data control, and efficient order processing.

Automate and Accelerate Order Management System with Vinculum

Retailers today need flexibility and efficiency as the scale. At Vinculum, we manage processes through the entire online customer order lifecycle with intelligent, robust, and feature-oriented strategies that’ll give you more powerful tools to accelerate business ROI and optimize your Business.


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