Improving returns management for apparel companies

January 20, 2022
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The e-commerce platform in the apparel industry is skyrocketing. Apparel sales have reached the pinnacle with n-number of patterns, colors, and designs. With the increase in sales in the online market, the number of returns has also increased as the customer gets the liability to get the stuff at their door and exchange or return if the products are not their choice or desire. This makes the purchasing of the property risk-free and adds no hesitation in the buyer’s mind.

Here, the consumers directly deal with the manufacturer or retailer to get their desired stuff to add to the collection. As per the survey, the online platform has grown 35% by the end of 2020, and its returns have also increased to a great level.

Sometimes the returns are so high that the companies feel it is a necessary evil to spoil the growth of the business and the share in the wallet. For that, they start making strategies to minimize the returns by changing or updating the policies at regular intervals to grab the customer’s mind in a Broadway.

How to manage the returns

Returning the stuff is a complex phenomenon that requires lots of operational challenges, data collection, revere logistics, software updates, and consumer expectations.

The buyer can establish a better relationship with the seller; the return policy should be safe, secure, and less time-consuming. The consumer wants to deal with such processes, which are easy to go and simple to update the queries. A happy customer is the best gift to the brand for the growth of their business. As far as the survey says, the return policies are so complex that around 86% of the population faces are critical to generating the refund or revenue out of it.

How efficient the Reverse logistics is

The reverse logistics these days in the digital medium are pretty fragmented. 10% of the stuff is returned through stores, and 42% are done directly through mails to restore the products into the store. It takes a little time to process the refund. It undergoes various steps like checking off the stuff by the selector, moving it to the warehouse where the property is cross-checked or investigated, and permit for the transaction. Some surveys mention that reverse-logistic enhances the complexity of the return policies.

The productive return of the stuff is the complete authority of the operational team to look into the matter efficiently to minimize the return and revalue the property to resale the products in the market with the proper set-up of the finance team and marketing team. It is reported that lack of accountability within the department sometimes becomes a big reason for the late return of the staff.

The less cooperation within the team member may cause a lack of return process. The need of the time is to work hand-in-hand with the departments for the free flow of the return process without obstacles. The automatic work of the software through the reach department should be prioritized and given more emphasis to deal with the return management process.

With the limited data of the end-users, it becomes tough to understand the pick point or exact location to map it out. As per the survey, some suggest that return is good as it makes the profit and a loyal customer to come back to them for every purchasing. The process is relatively less expensive to eliminate the damage or unsatisfied products within a stipulated period.

The steps to enhance the return management

The initiatives are considered to tackle return management in more broad terms. Retailers try their best to make such strategies to mitigate return management. And sometimes need to change the operating pattern or the business model to enhance the return management fabulously. The retailer makes it easy to reduce the return in a very user-friendly manner to strengthen the state’s economy from a broader perspective.

The retailer put forward the high-quality images of the stuff to get a proper idea of the same and makes it easy for the consumer to choose the things of their choice, resulting in no return. The detailed information of the staff should be mentioned based on their color, fabrics, quality, texture, and design implanted in it.

Amid the pandemic, the stringent return policies concept of the apparel industries has changed and chosen to lighten the weight of the consumer with easy and simple terms of return. The consumer got free shipping on some stuff that is immensely appreciated and acceptable.

The utilize of advanced shopping tools has studied the market and choices of the consumer in a vivid way. As 70% of the return was due to old patterns or styles not in the craze. The online stores keep only that stuff that attracts the crowd with proper reviews and feedback to increase its sale in a widespread manner. The shopping tools are so mind-catching that even the returns are minimized strikingly.

Sometimes the same products may charge differently within a few days that customer cancels the old purchasing and book the same stuff with revised rate to save a few pence. And adding discounts and coupons, the property gets a little cheaper, which is preferable to the audience in more significant terms and helps reduce the returns if the stuff is available to them at a low price.

This article thoroughly discusses the difficulties a consumer faces at times of return. It comes with some strategies and tools to ensure the growth of brands and revenue to the industries in a fascinating manner. The article also adds solutions to the issues or queries faced by the big industries to improve the quality of service to serve the purpose towards the consumer in an enthusiastic manner.


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