India plans to have an Amazon-free e-commerce industry.

June 30, 2022
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The e-commerce industry is in hype these days just because of digitalization. The online store has fetched the eye of the consumer and is a great way to hike the sales channel diversely. The sales on the marketplace increase with each promotion, campaign, or advertisement through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and another relatable source.

The online portal has come out with the best e-commerce payment reconciliation software for easy transactions of the amount. The process followed is easy to go and quick to access the payment method without many hurdles. The payment information is safe and secured along with personal information to avoid fraud or mismanagement of the process.

Amazon has covered the market purchasing significantly with its easy-to-go processes of return and exchange. The quality of the brand products is maintained to catch the attention of the massive crowd for long-term growth and accessibility of the platform. The need of the time is to come out of the clutch of the e-commerce platform from Amazon’s control and make its way in a different direction to establish the best buyer-seller bond in terms of sales prospective.

Nandan Nilekani, the co-founder of software powerhouse Infosys Ltd., has the insight to establish open technology network for small merchants in the $1trillion retail market with the help of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

His motives are pretty clear to come out with ideas to curb the Amazon demand and supply in the market drastically. He not only focuses on erasing the name of Amazon but also on Flipkart, Walmart, and other online stores that have curbed the small merchant stores like Kirana act as a backbone to a retail store to make their living in a simple and sophisticated way.

Their main intention is to build a free online system where the buyer and seller can interact at any cost, from 23-cent detergent bars to $1800 airline tickets, without any hurdle.

Two great global giants have captured the market of $24 billion in India and 80% online market with numerous discounts and coupon facilities that a Kirana shop is in a fearful state to survive in the market for their livelihood. Such giants have curbed the Kirana store badly. The need of the time is to come out with specific ideas to get rid of such acceptance and follow the trending source for the future growth at the grass-root level.

The not-for-profit system goes in hand with the open network for digital commerce to plug in the retailer and the small merchants to reach the massive crowd in terms of economics and profit-making strategies in a widespread manner. The Government likes to have its e-commerce ecosystem to manage the demand and supply and get rid of a global giant to access the process of selling in the marketplace diversely.

Nandan Nilekani stated that it’s time for millions of small merchants to be a part of the new growth in the digital market in a quick and accessible way to make massive revenue out of it.

India has become a testing ground for many companies like Meta, google, and some domestic giants like Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industrial Ltd to turn the smartphones of around 800 million users and go shopping crazily. However, the local rival international companies are trying to dump their brand products to attract customers in a crystal-clear way.

In the previous set-up, Nilekani looked to help the Government with the Aadhar Biometric ID system that is partly equal to US social security program. Such a system helps minimize fraud to some level and assures safe utilization of information at the ground level. He also helped set a secure payment mode called UPI (Unified Payment Interface).

The only reason why Amazon and Flipkart have captured the market is their tried and tested technology that attracts numerous retailers and merchants to get stuck to their platform for long. The Government has to come out with a similar concept to attract a vast crowd and flourish the growth in the marketplaces in a better way and minimize the use of the global giant online platforms in a magnificent way.

It is widely accepted that purchasing the brand products depends upon the buyer and seller relationship and proper management of the warehouse, inventory, and logistics. The picking, packing, and shipping of the products in real-time delivery is also concerned and keeping track of it regularly. The stocks are updated at times of requirement to fulfill the customer needs and demand.

Such a set-up would help millions of small merchants or businesses fight with the global giant and serve the purpose of marketing and purchasing significantly. This process will help the national hike revenue compared to an international one.


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