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Vinculum @ MRF – Accelerating your Omnichannel Growth.!

  • September 18, 2018
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  • 3 MIN READ
MRF 2018

In today’s era of rapidly transforming technology, no one really knows what future of Retail will look like. DO YOU?

According to the National Retail Federation, sales in 2018 are expected to grow between 3.8 and 4.4% over 2017. Online and other non-store sales, included in the overall number, are expected to increase between 10 and 12%. However, despite this expected growth, the industry will continue to evolve and retailers will face challenges as they address a highly competitive marketplace and adapt to changing consumer preferences and expectations. What if you could take a sneak peek into the future of retail and overcome these challenges?

So get ready because Vinculum Group, a leading SaaS-based software Products Company is participating in the Middle East Retail Forum, the most influential retail business conference, where who’s who of the retail industry will network to share real-life global insights. We will be present at Booth #MRF15 to decode the Omni-Channel strategy for you. The booth will be hosting product walkthroughs and sharing best practices & advisory on Omnichannel strategy.

With each passing moment, retail is becoming stronger, channels agnostic and more agile to adapt to rapid and disruptive changes. Stores are transforming into inspirational spaces and are being remodeled into lively and immersive environments. There is an urgency that all the Brands and Retailers are facing today. While retailers are engaging their customers by connecting with them at their favored touchpoints, technological advancement keeps on outpacing the retail transformation as well. But no need to worry! With our O2O suite, you can keep pace with both physical and digital transformation.

Vinculum’s O2O suite offers a modular suite of products to efficiently manage both online & offline operations with ease. It enables offline-online-offline transformations through its suite of products for multi-channel order and inventory management, last-mile fulfillment and return management, helping brands to enable Endless aisle, Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect, Ship from Store and Real-time Inventory view for their customers. It empowers a seamless shopping experience through Integrations with marketplaces, last-mile fulfillment companies, front-ends, and webstores, creating an ecosystem of collaboration across Vinculum’s network.

Creating a seamless shopping experience is the key mantra of Retail today, and, being able to achieve so creates the required in-roads in the consumers’ minds, needs, and wallets. Vinculum has been at the center of creating such experiences for nearly a decade. With a view to carry the streak forward and share the best practices, strategies, insights, and growth hacks related to Omnichannel, Vinculum is coming at MRF.

Venue: Palazzo Versace Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Date: 8th-9th October 2018

Meet and discuss challenges and opportunities directly with our subject matter experts @Booth #MRF15. Click here to book an appointment now!

See you there!

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