PIM Software – Kill Spreadsheets Before It Kills Your Ecommerce Business

February 28, 2020
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PIM software

No matter where your business is coming from, you now have the potential to go to a higher level and truly excel.

Whether you are a retail brand or an eCommerce brand, there are certain processes your team must have kept in mind while working through the brand’s product marketing strategy.

What is PIM Software?

Over the years, very few companies and brands have been able to understand data and comfortably deal with data management. PIM software has been considered as the key element of any marketing strategy in the 2020’s eCommerce business world.

How does PIM Software Help?

A good Product Information Management solution is a one-stop solution for the collection and management of data. This, in return, contributes towards enhancing the product information, therefore help create a complete product catalog and distribute it to different eCommerce and sales networks.

Is PIM worth to be invested for even a Small Business?

To understand PIM better, Product Information Management (PIM) tool provides detailed product content and assets as a single point of reference in the cloud. No matter if yours is a start-up or an established one – a good PIM solution helps your business strengthen itself as a bigger brand without burning a hole in your wallet.

Here is why you should go for it as a small business owner:

  • A brilliant product-information provider among your team
  • An excellent product description distributer to different channels
  • A media of collecting information on multiple networks
  • A much easier tool to be implemented in even your complex and multi-layered business model
  • A simpler way to organize & optimize your product details
  • An easier and faster way to get to market

Ample Reasons to use a PIM!

As of 2019, marketing trends for eCommerce brands have been adoption of a well-blended combination of PPC Management, SEO and so on.

Yet, this buzz of online marketing was limited to inadequate information about a product. Staying in a continuously changing digital world, this 2020, adopt PIM solutions to take control over your product information with the assistance of PIM.

Let’s look into how investing in a good PIM Software can actually help your retail business grow:

Enhance data quality

Data quality is one of the reasons why several companies are being able to grow smoothly today. Data can be used to understand our target audiences, design SEO strategy and much more. Refine your data by investing in a PIM software and enjoy the perks of-

  • Data management
  • Eliminating incomplete attributions
  • Consistency in data

With relevant and organized data, excel in analytics and understand what really works for your business.

Align channels

The beauty of a good Product Information Management tool is that it is proved to be the single-entry point for managing and distributing product data. However, excellent multi-channel marketing being one of the best usages, the same data can be used at multiple levels through multiple channels.

Enhance customer experiences

Your job as an eCommerce brand, for instance, must be to keep your customers happy. That can be done in multiple ways like hassle-free customer services, fast-paced shipping and returns, affordable handling costs and more. The contribution of PIM Software towards enhancing user experiences through improving accuracy in data and overall consumer-journey is the key reason for you to invest in it.

Enhance other aspects of your Product Marketing Strategy

According to Product Marketing Experts, a good Product Information Management system can contribute up to 90% towards other popular product marketing strategies like SEO and content management. Enrich product content with PIM, increase revenue opportunities and be appealing to the search engine. The reason being, search engines look out for relevant and accurate information which PIM systems can help with; manage upselling relations and cross-selling too. Here’s how PIM helps with several product marketing dimensions:

  • Enriches product content
  • Automates title tag, alt tag data
  • The clarity in brand content

Boost Sales-performance and Product-awareness

Back in time, ERPs were popularly used however, PIM is an upgrade of ERP which is needed in today’s time of unlimited data coming in. in fact, by 2021, 5% overall transactions will be made online, implying more data coming in. There’s no stop to this either; it’s uphill. With PIM, explore ways in which you can boost performance and awareness about your brand-

  • 360-degree view of your product
  • Generate dynamic reports
  • Address lost information in seconds
  • Build on analytics with PIM for a more holistic view

Remember, this is 2020 and all you need is an awesome product marketing strategy with a combination of tools.

You need to think about the future of your brand. Ask yourself a simple question, “Do you want your brand to grow?”. If your answer is yes, ensure that you start adopting new technologies and tools while implementing your multi-channel product marketing strategy. Integrating PIM is a sure way to catch up and upscale returns.

To invest in the most cutting-edge technology along with the most intuitive, easy to use and personalized PIM experience, reach out to Vinculum. With Vinculum’s cloud-based and customized PMS solution, businesses can ensure a fast start-up and flexible expansion. Request a demo or get in touch with the experts at Vinculum today!


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