Selling on Lazada as an International Seller – All You Need to Know

July 16, 2021
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International eCommerce – An Overview

The technological advancements and availability of lucrative avenues put eCommerce businesses in a strong position to not only survive but strive, and grow. Expanding their service offerings through cross-border commerce has been highly applauded from both brand affinity and business ROI standpoints.

If you are an eCommerce pro or a new entrant, cross-border commerce, especially, online will be a far more thoughtful first step for you. And, Lazada is your best bet if you have been eyeing to expand your eCommerce business boundaries in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. With approximately 300 million SKUs and 200+ million digital footfall, lazada overseas seller offers you a cutting edge against your competitors.

In this article, we will be touching upon the basics of being an international seller on Lazada.

Lazada International Seller – A Brief Introduction

Lazada is a highly celebrated eCommerce platform across the globe, especially in the South-East Asia region. And, being a seller on this platform will open up far more lucrative avenues for your eCommerce business. You get access to a vast tech-savvy, and resourceful base of customers who prefer online shopping to navigating brick-and-mortar stores. Be it a routine product or FMCG goods or high-end electronics or status-quo products, by being an international seller on Lazada, you will be able to cater to an ever-interested pool of buyers in the SE Asian region. And, the best part is, you won’t even have to set foot in those countries or abide by their legal implications.

Fee Structure at Lazada

eCommerce platforms have their set of norms, guidelines, pros, and cons, and thus, it is essential for you to be privy to such details. However, lazada global seller as an eCommerce platform for both regional and cross-border store setups does not charge any fees. Yes, you heard it right. You can set up your store for your place/region of choice as an international seller on lazada overseas seller without worrying about paying a hefty upfront fee. However, Lazada does not shy away from declaring that each of your sales will be liable for a commissioning fee based on your location. The commissioning will be approximately 2% of the amount you make with the sales for regional sellers and it may go up to 2 – 4% for international sellers.

Potential Product Portfolio at Lazada

Are you interested in exploring Lazada for cross-border commerce? Well, it is advised to take an inventory of your product portfolio. If you happen to have weapons, chemicals, or any toxic substances, religious/political items, pirated software, telecommunications equipment, and food products that might not be in alignment with the Food Regulations in the region, then, you won’t get an entry into lazada global seller. Moreover, all your products should fit into a box of 300cm * 300 cm * 300 cm dimension for you to proceed with the sales on the Lazada platform.

How to Get Started with Lazada

Lazada has its presence in major ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. And, being an international seller on Lazada, you will get access to these market segments. All you need to have is an authentic business license, a registered company and you are good to set up an account on Lazada. The best part is you can sell your products to multiple countries with just a single Lazada account and won’t have to worry about multiple accounts-related logistics. If you are based out of Mainland, China, you need to have an Alipay account to proceed further. (lazada global seller registration)

Steps to Set Up an International Seller Account on Lazada

Excited to foray into the Lazada eCommerce ecosystem? Here are the crucial steps you need to follow to get started!

  • Navigate to the Lazada Malaysia Seller Center and click on ‘Become A Seller’
  • Sign up as a LazGlobal Seller
  • Choose the location you will be selling from. You will have to click on ‘Alipay Account Validation’ if your location is Mainland, China
  • Sign in to your account and get on with verifying and validating your LazGlobal account
  • Manage your address book and start uploading your business documents
  • You will have to appear a mandatory seller survey
  • Start uploading your SKUs
  • Complete the process by mentioning your bank details for payment-related transactions

Lazada and Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment has the potential to make or break your eCommerce business. And, this is one aspect you need to pay utmost attention to while being an international seller on Lazada.

Lazada presents to you “Fulfillment by Lazada” (FBL), in which the Lazada team will take care of the entire gamut of storing, picking, packing, and delivering items backed by their resourceful and vast fulfillment centers. Of course, such services do not come free, You will have to set aside additional funds for procuring FBL services. However, the pricing will vary based on the product type or so to say the product dimensions and weight.

To make things easier for you, lazada global seller offers an onboarding session wherein their team will keep you apprised of all the nuances that you should be aware of. It is imperative to understand that while Lazada will take care of the heavy lifting, you will be still in charge of keeping a tab on your inventories and replenishing them on time.

As a backup plan, you may opt to reach out to fulfillment service providers in the ASEAN countries, who take care of the import, and inventory storage activities as well as aid in the delivery of the products too.

Managing Customer Returns

After order fulfilment, returns, exchange or cancellation is the next big challenge for eCommerce players from the regional and cross-border standpoint. With lazada global seller, you won’t have to break into a sweat thinking about managing returns across the borders. Lazada will ship the returned goods back to the sorting centers and then to your designated warehouses to be shipped back to other customers in an easy, quick, and hassle-free manner. And, voila, you won’t have to pay the import duties too. Isn’t Lazada a dream-come-true platform for your online sales ventures?

Lazada International Seller – Why Is It Worth Pursuing?

Do you still need convincing to get on board with Lazada as an international seller? Well, you can’t ignore these aspects for sure.

  • A vast online presence in major ASEAN countries
  • Access to the fastest growing South-East ASEAN eCommerce market
  • Cash-on-delivery payment option to spread your wings into countries that prefer cash transactions to credit
  • An easy, robust, and seamless platform for sellers

Lazada is your one-stop destination for all international selling plans that you may have. Intrigued to learn more about cross-border commerce? Do connect with the experts at Vinculum right away!


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