The Art of Merchandise Planning for Omnichannel Retail

July 12, 2022
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With the growth of digitalization, brand productivity has been significantly hiked. And the physical store has not lost its importance. They fetch the attention close enough to online stores in terms of easy contact with the local people to exchange or return the products and act as one of the local fulfillment centers.

The omnichannel platform undergoes numerous challenges in terms of operations, sales, and profit-making mindset to work optimally. The implication process includes:

  • Retail planning and strategies.
  • Supply chain.
  • Information flow.
  • Real-time delivery of the products.
  • The physical flow of products.

Omnichannel retail software solution impacts the retailers for buying and making decisions appropriately.

Forecasting, Analytics, and BI

Brand forecasting plays a vital part in making the right decisions in terms of planning. The valuable information gathered from the market research undergoes intelligent algorithms to help the retailers to forecast the merchandising decisions.

The data are the record of the customer purchasing choice, best selling styles, festive selection, inventory planning, and customer buying intention in a crystal-clear manner. In an omnichannel platform, the data are handled from multiple POSs to store the relevant information with utmost accuracy and security. Such a platform helps in quickly making decisions.

Business Intelligence plays a vital role in managing the competition in the marketplaces. Real-time customer-related data and BI comes out to stay a step ahead in the marketplaces in the right way. Omnichannel retail deals with the market intelligence and flow of as much information as in an efficient manner. The platform analyzes the right kind of services to deliver accurate decision-making and strategies to manage the workflow.

Retailers get connected to different channels to see the massive crowd in a versatile way for the growth and development of the business prominently.

The omnichannel comes out with a merchandising solution to manage the data manually to gain market competition.

Availability of the Assortment in store

The assortment is defined to place in the right store to hike the sales funnel. Information is collected as per the customer’s preferences and purchasing patterns at times of festival. They keep track of the customer’s moves regarding promotions, discounts, and BI analytics to handle the inventory.

Assortment Plan

Fashion industries undergo a lot of complexities in terms of product styles and customer needs. Sub-optimal assortment buying and planning of the stock results in pilling the stock or understocking of products at distribution times.

With the help of merchandising solution, the retailer looks at the data to develop an intelligent assortment plan with the best store allocation strategies. The system uses about 300+ algorithms to come out with the best solutions at times of decision-making in terms of store-style ranking, product clustering, and visual merchandising. An intelligent assortment plan comes out with the availability of NOOS (Never Out of Stock) style patterns in the stores.

Such a plan assures diversely the width, depth, and product clustering and automation of the merchandising solution. The assortment plan looks for a solution that includes a real-time depletion rate, inventory health, and reorder quantity.

Optimal store allotment

Optimal store allotment comes with the idea that each item or product should reach the right store without much delay. Allocation in each store is defined by the features assorted likewise to the store close to it. Omnichannel retail deals with the assessment in real-time, both in the offline or online mode of stock availability.

Integration of multiple plans under one umbrella

Retailers integrate multiple plans under one umbrella to raise the sales, order fulfillment rates, margins, and inventory turn for the growth of the e-commerce business. Omni OMS comes out with the idea to screen out the offline inventory to the massive crowd in online mode to place the order anytime at any point of sales. Such demands can be set from any store or warehouse close to it to provide the best shopping experience to online and offline shoppers.

Smart assortment planning tools

Omnichannel is the future of a brand’s products and retail market to provide the best merchandising solutions that are intuitive and standardized. Such planning tools forecast at the SKU level to run the process precisely. Real-time management of the inventory and order fulfillment quickly to assure profitability and product margins. This includes the forecast of stakeholders in a significant way for the rise of the business is a great way.

The e-commerce business model works more efficiently with the help of omnichannel platforms to integrate all the processes under one umbrella in one go to keep track of the in and out of the inventory in the broader term.


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