The Battle for DTC Engagement: How CPG Brands Can Win

October 29, 2021
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Initially, CPG brands followed the traditional method to attract the consumer and involve the intermediary or middleman to deal with the customer needs. These days, CPG brands are evolving and connecting with DTC to change the purchasing way of the consumers.

D2C brand deals in the digital or online platform and makes shopping easy and fast. Just a call, and the product is at your doorstep. It’s a tough time for CPG brands to follow the old strategies, and the need of the time is to approach the customer directly without any hindrance.

D2C increases the competition in the market and tries to attract more customers for the same.

To maintain its traditional way, CPG has showered the customer with heavy discounts and promoted the price to compete with the opposition brand ways. This may risk the brand value. If the process of pouring with heavy discounts goes on, the brand will lose its worth and standards.

The modern use of technology and its latest updates utilizes the ongoing trend of the time to get engaged with their respective customers. This is one of the biggest challenges for CPG brands to come up with modern means of purchasing.

The DTC and its value

The most significant advantage of Direct-to-consumer brands is to make strong bonds with their customers. They look into the customer’s understanding and their purchasing experience too. DTC takes a close view of the customers’ needs and satisfies them by providing the same. Their main motive is to meet the customer’s desires and attract more customers.

The DTC collects all the customer’s data to do their business. They keep customizing the products to keep their customers stuck with their brand. DTC is the best way to engage with the consumers directly without any middleman hindrance.

The data-driven customer experience makes the brands powerful, and the drive of the data is the principal activity for digital marketing.

The CPG brands get the data in exchange. They have to provide loyalty, rewards, and recognition for the engagement of the customers in dialogue.

 Loyalty programs for the customers – a direct way of service

CPG brands provide loyalty programs to get a vast number of benefits. The loyalty program helps in building a personal connection with the customers and improvises brand loyalty and experience. This gives a way to collect data to make a sober strategy to attract more consumers.

This is the right way to reduce the cost price for the consumers to grab more advantages of the products with an excellent value. The brands like Starbucks rewards and Pampers rewards are an example of the same. There are other means to get advantages like points-plus-cash payment features, membership, flexibility in redeeming and collecting points, customization, recommendations, and providing some special offers.

Every brand has its technology to gather all the user experience and collect rewards out of it. The latest technology, Artificial Intelligence, has captured the marketing pattern and caught the mind of the consumers in a single glance with great experiences. These help in consumer engagements and brand campaigns or advertisements.

Rewards and Engagement

Indeed, gaining loyalty is not a one-night process, and it takes time to build loyalty based on points or rewards. The entire process makes sense only when customer engagement is at its pinnacle. The success story comes on screen only when the customer transition has reached a point and can redeem the issues quickly and easily.

CPG brands come with the idea that the customers will win the rewards in each engagement. You can offer engagement prizes or discounts, charity, and trigger other methods to complete the customer mapping.

They come with the concept of Instant rewards either through initial registration, interaction through social media platforms and campaigns, or advertisements. Such mingling of brand services to the customers will provide momentum within a short period. These solutions are more relevant and efficient to maintain brand loyalty.

It suggests that CPG brands should walk along with the retailers rather than stand against them to build the market. The market will be best established by the support of the retailer and their constant support.

Loyalty and its Importance for CPG DTC brands

In this fast-moving world, CPG brands are establishing strong bonds with customers at a low cost to maintain the competition in the market. The customer data-driven process helps engage the customer directly, and their experience is a matter of concern to look forward to in the online business model.

Along with loyalty, trust is equally important to establish a strong bond between the buyer and the seller. The seller needs to provide attractive discounts, rewards, and quality service so that buyers do not get distracted from their brand choice and stick with it without any second option.

It’s time to stay in tune with the DTC and get rid of the mass retailers to win the gravity of the market. This will help in winning the ownership slowly but gradually in the online platform field. The potential or capability of the DTC is widespread in the mind of the people, and their benefits are other aspects to gain the momentum of the market.

The best part of D2C brands is that it makes the customers capable of choosing the product of their wish, or you can say it enhances the purchasing capacity of the consumers to a great extent. And consumers have learned to purchase things of their choice from brand sites, which makes it a good habit for the customer to track the brand sites and their latest updates. Social media has become another big platform to keep notifying the user about the latest updates of the brand’s products.


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