Top 4 Product Categories to sell in the Southeast Asian Ecommerce Market!

May 13, 2021
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Given the rise of eCommerce in Southeast Asia, it is no surprise that more online merchants are flocking towards this region to cash in on this lucrative industry. As per the studies, the eCommerce market is expected to reach US$ 67,640 million in Southeast Asia by 2021. The rise of several eCommerce platforms and the popularity of social media sites have also enabled new business patterns to emerge.

However, new trends in eCommerce are emerging which help users build up cart abandonment solutions. Following these emerging trends can help eCommerce players gain an edge in the competitive market. One such trend is that online stores are increasingly going beyond offering simple product sales. They are now looking into establishing a two-way conversation with their customers and providing after-sales care.

The Current Landscape: By 2021 year, the top sales on ecommerce have continued to shift and it is somewhat inevitable that the popularity of information about product of asia will continue to change every so often. This trend, however, has no effect over the increasing revenue which is being collected across different markets in Southeast Asia.

Whether sellers choose to sell their products in asia & US market, they have opportunities to take advantage of more business and earn more profits from selling their product of asia online in this region during this year. To give some insights about what products they can go with, we have provided a list of the top selling ecommerce products that can help them improve their dealings and generate higher revenues.

Going with the flow: To gain competitive advantage, it’s crucial to understand the popularity of products that are in demand as per the current trend. This popularity keeps changing as it is only reasonable for a certain period. An ecommerce products to sell player must always have an updated knowledge of these top selling products for their intended Market. Here’s the list of the top selling ecommerce products in asia in demand –

1. Fashion and clothing:

One of the most competitive online selling categories in Southeast Asia is fashion and clothing. Southeast Asian women are big online consumers for fashion, beauty and accessories. 20% of women in Southeast Asia are buying online. Amongst them, fashion and clothing make up the biggest purchases by volume. It’s the most popular online industry.

Selling fashion and beauty products like Apparels and Footwear, Modest Fashion Ware, Athleisure and Fitness Accessories, Watches, Shapewear, Leggings, Fashion Accessories etc. will certainly be a good option for you to tap the growing purchasing power of Southeast Asia’. Among all, modest clothing is the most popular category in the Southeast Asian community. It may even seem a primary category because it made its way to Paris Fashion Week a few years back.

2. Furniture and Home Decor:

A selection of great products to sell online including affordable furniture priced from $10-$200 or more. Home decor is a category of products that you can definitely make a lot of money with, if you know what you’re doing. Lazada is using this trend by selling furniture with a lower price tag, better quality and interesting design such as side tables, trunks, bookcases and cabinets etc.

During the pandemic, wood crafted furniture is already in demand. Apart from this, Home Office Furniture, Bean bags, Earthenware (Belana, Terenang, Labu Sayong etc.) are also in the trend.

3. Baby Products:

Among all households in Southeast Asia, about 10% have children aged 0-2 years. Southeast Asia is an extremely fertile ground and in fact, probably the best markets for selling baby products. Inkwood (4), a market research company, reveals that Southeast Asia holds a 30.45% market share in the Baby Products category. From Diapers to toys, and from baby food to all baby essentials, Southeast Asian parents are changing their lifestyle for their kids and they demand the best quality baby products available.

4. Electronics:

Digital consumerism has been brought forward by electronics, so it’s not surprising to see that people are willing to buy. In Southeast Asia, electronics have become one of the prime product categories for ecommerce products to sell. Specifically in the electronics category, has been flourishing. The top-selling products from this category are TV’s and smartphones, laptops, home office electronics, mobiles, USB drives, power banks etc.

Conclusion: The goal of eCommerce is, indeed, attainable if you figure out the right products to sell. To have an even better understanding of what products are going to be a success in your store, you need to figure out the right product to sell based on the behaviour of their consumers. Customer behaviour and product insights allow you to view data about your product performance in different marketplaces and compare it with different products. Product demand varies across different channels. By checking order data from different platforms, you can get a clearer picture of what your customers need.


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