Top 5 eCommerce Trends in 2022 Catalog Management Software

June 16, 2022
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Until 2021, most eCommerce businesses were focused on growth. eCommerce businesses have shifted goals to digital transformation in 2022. This year is more about customer expectations and differentiation. With eCommerce sales surpassing $1 trillion in the US alone, businesses must work towards customer experiences to maintain consistent growth.

Invest in growing areas while keeping in mind eCommerce trends in 2022

Increase in chat bot engagement

As ML technology accelerates, customer experiences can now be leveraged by AI and automation. Chatbots are a resource to lead shoppers to the right landing pages and build customer relationships. With Chatbots, your eCommerce business can be open 24X7.

Consider experimenting with voice and conversational shopping.

Did you know that voice eCommerce sales will touch $19.4 billion by 2023? Your business can profit with conversational shopping, where you can interact with customers in real-time via chat apps such as Facebook. Emphasize to voice optimize your business that help Alexa and Siri find you, recommend you, and help make a purchase.

CMS is the way forward

Also known as Catalog Management Software, CMS will help your business consolidate and organize product data under one digital point for merchants and buyers. A good CMS will encourage informed buying decisions and save product descriptions, filters, prices, suppliers, and internal codes.

CMS for eCommerce business will maintain business records and integrate website payment with subscription management software. CMS also creates categories for organizing products while maintaining domestic and international pricing.

Provide diverse payment methods

Users like having options, and providing opportunities for payment methods is a win-win. Encourage customers to choose their most preferred payment methods, preventing issues such as cart abandonment. Diverse payment solutions encourage collaboration and offers that’ll also promote an increase in sales.

Interest-free financing solutions such as buy now, pay later, or the 1-click payment options continue to grow and appeal to shoppers worldwide for flexibility in online shopping.

Video marketing is essential and crucial.

Consider video marketing for social media, website, or even alongside your product details. Videos prove to be an effective marketing asset for prospective customers. Unboxing videos, tutorials, explainers, and user-generated videos are significant video marketing assets influencing buyers’ decisions.

Augmented reality is the future.

eCommerce businesses are going to profit if they invest in AR for business. With AR for your business, recreate offline retail experiences shoppers crave while delivering a simple, engaging buying experience. Features such as 3D mapping, product builders and visualizers, and AR make it easy for customers to view, explore, “try out,” and buy your products online.

The release of Meta has accelerated AR investment for eCommerce businesses where brands like Adidas have already started making profits off the same.

Omnichannel customer experiences continue to hero.

Omnichannel strategy businesses will benefit in the coming years. Today’s shoppers love convenience, and that’s what omnichannel experiences are all about. An excellent omnichannel marketing strategy for your eCommerce business can give you a great position to accelerate sales and spur customer retention and loyalty.

Expect 2X mobile commerce sales.

Did you know that the US is expected to double by 2025? Great mobile experiences help spike customer retention and increase sales. Prepare marketing via push notifications, SMS, email, and mobile apps. Say ahead of your competitors, and build an accessible, engaging, and efficient experience for your mobile shoppers.

Buyer journey and personalization are critical.

Optimize buyer path or user journey for your customers—work towards streamlining mobile experiences, delivering rich product merchandise, and nailing order fulfillment. Communicating with the user as the user itself is a great way to retain your audience and continue shopping.

Work towards buyer journey optimization and personalized communication with users for your eCommerce business.

People are turning to social commerce.

Lately, there’s been a rise in social media browsing for new products. Social commerce is where sales are expected to reach $79.6 billion by 2025. With efficient social media planning and paid advertising, alongside user engagement campaigns and influencer marketing, your business can go sky-high, driving sales.

Become a sustainable eCommerce business

Sustainability is crucial in today’s time. By sustainability, the trend implies purpose-driven brands. Think about how you can proudly give your eCommerce business the sustainability touch to communicate to your customers and the world.

Leverage eCommerce trends and transform your business.

2022 is the beginning of a long journey into new kinds of eCommerce experiences. Your business can go forward and begin the journey. However, many users are still looking for convenient, efficient eCommerce experiences.

With Vinculum, you can cater to your business’s present and future eCommerce needs.


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