Top 6 Multichannel Order Management System Trends For 2024

April 6, 2022
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Online businesses of all sizes rely on efficient order management systems. These systems track incoming orders, allocate inventory from warehouses based on availability, and provide real-time updates to customers throughout the fulfillment process. This customer-centric approach fosters trust and transparency, leading to a more positive buying experience.

The shift towards online shopping continues to be a major trend, even as pandemic restrictions have eased somewhat. As per Forbes 2024 eCommerce stats, India’s e-commerce sector is projected to reach INR 4,416.68 billion in 2024, growing at an annual rate of 11.45% to achieve INR 7,591.94 billion by 2029. This sustained growth highlights the importance of a robust Order Management System (OMS) for businesses of all sizes.

While the initial shock of the pandemic may have subsided, the OMS market continues to evolve. New trends are emerging in 2024, such as integration with AI-powered fulfillment solutions, increased focus on omnichannel experiences. These advancements are helping businesses streamline operations, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer service in a competitive online environment.

Order Management System Trends

The Order Management System Trends in 2024 looks into the following requirements to handle the online business models effectively.

E-commerce order management and its speedy distribution

The real-time control of the order and its delivery is challenging. Still, e-commerce management, with its latest technology and software, manages it well with complete customer satisfaction and entertainment. The delivery cost is neither negligible chargeable nor free based on the total purchasing.

E-commerce business models access different order management software or technologies to grab the customer’s attention more broadly to expand the sales channel in a juggernaut manner. With the advancement of technologies and software, the audience is expecting or willing to deliver the same-day stuff or products in an easy process.

The e-commerce businesses these days ensure the quick delivery of the order rather than waiting for the long. The online purchasing of the stuff has grown drastically, and the placing of the order and its distribution has also grown diversely. The online process is relatively fast and based on real-time delivery. The process no longer takes time to serve the purpose of purchasing and satisfying the customer’s needs and desires.

The process depends on how easily the management of the order takes place, including picking up the stuff, packaging, and delivery of the property. The easy accessibility of the applications and updated software help get the order in a repeated form for the expansion of the business.

Customer Support

Online businesses have multiple channels to make sales effectively. The sales team gives the best customer support with the help of a multi-channel e-commerce system. The online platform uses websites, social media, and live chat to connect the customer query and resolve it within a fraction of a second. Customer support is before satisfying customer satisfaction, whether offline or online business model. This provides a consistent impact both for the e-commerce business model and the customer attention.

The customer gives positive feedback for expanding the e-commerce business strategies and its growth. The trend is supposed to continue till 2025.

Data collection in real-time

The sales team has the big idea to gather the data related to sales and other personal information to attract the staff closer to them. The personal data are kept secured and safe to maintain the customer’s privacy effectively. The order tracking is visualized in real-time without much delay to entertain the customer’s desires.

The order management system must be productive to handle the n-number of demands in a broader manner. The data are also gathered based on real-time analysis to raise the sales in the market.

Changes in the purchasing strategies

With the widespread pandemic and its new variant Omicron, purchasing is still changing and adding different tools for online marketing. To customers aware of such devices, multi-channel e-commerce systems are trending to grab the opportunities and explore in a significant way.

The multi-channel management technologies or software will grow each year to capture the market in a broader perspective. Online order management tools and software in 2022 are evolving for sale to catch customer attention holistically.

New marketplace integration

The online market keeps fluctuating from one platform to another and looks for a new market now and then to build the platform in a gigantic manner. The e-commerce section that serves on the online concept manages the platform with the help of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other well-devised tools and technology to run the online business magnificently. As per the customer purchasing habits, the online market attracts the new marketplaces to gain the momentum of the need for long-term perspective.

Automatic operational strategies and process

The automatic process gets access to the inventory, warehouse management, logistics, and other backend operation for the perfect flow of the e-commerce business model. Online business models are great in handling the sales channels and securely collecting data to attract customers entirely.

The automatic access of the multi-channel management system and tracking include picking and packing the property and delivering the things to their final destination.

E-commerce has accepted the order management system in a broader way to make the operation easy and sustainable. The e-commerce accesses the process that is easy to use by the customer and operates within a fraction of a second to handle the market choices and place the order of the same. The charges are managed well in warehouses or stores and third-party logistics (3PL) to get the benefits of the services constructively. The automatic process of the order management system has reduced the workload on the employees and hugely reduced the human effort.


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