Consumers love brands and need to reach them across the most convenient channels, faster.

Marketplaces have proven themselves as a preferred shopping platform, offering abundant choice of brands & the added convenience of multiple delivery and payment options.

Listing Product catalogs on Marketplaces hence becomes a priority for brands to expand their global reach, thereby increasing their customer-base & revenues.

Brands need to ensure:

Domestic and Global Listing

Domestic and Global Listing of product templates across marketplaces

Maintenance of Marketplace

Maintenance of Marketplace specific catalog templates & image formats

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Faster launches of seasonal product catalogs

How we help:


Automate Catalog Listings in Bulk with Just a Few Clicks

Each marketplace today has its own set of templates, product formats and naming conventions.

Brand Merchandising teams need to adhere to these guidelines individually, often leading to errors, delays in catalog uploads and longer time to market.

Our software helps automate this process & creates ‘ready to upload’ catalogs that can be pushed directly into marketplace feeds.

Automate Catalog Listings
Consistent Product Information

Consistent Product Information & Adaptive Image Formats

In the world of online shopping, product information & images are more often than not, the deciding factor in a purchase decision.

Our Automated Catalog Listing platform eliminates manual effort through a central repository of all merchandise SKUs (stock-keeping units), together with relevant attributes, saving time that can be allocated to driving brand performance.

Marketplaces have different image formats, adding to the complexity. Our adaptive image processing eliminates the need for multiple product shoots and re-sizing images to meet Marketplace criteria.

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Faster Go-to-Market and launch

Faster Go-to-Market and Launch

Your products, especially those included in seasonal catalogs need fast and timely Go-To-Market, leading to successful product launches and higher sales.

With ‘ready to upload’ templates for popular marketplaces, our Catalog Listing tool ensures 5X times faster exposure of your promotional & seasonal catalogs.

Go To Market

Driving Efficiency & Collaboration

Managing catalogs often requires cross functional collaboration.

Our solution acts as ‘middleware’, helping your teams collaborate with other departments & outsourced teams, providing them access to relevant data while protecting sensitive information.

Driving Efficiency


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