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Vin eRetail – More feature rich, integrated and better than ever!

  • July 16, 2018
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  • 4 MIN READ

Customer’s buying behavior is evolving every day, they want all the product information on a single click and expect a seamless shopping experience regardless of where they shop. A research conducted by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey reveals that about 73% of the consumers use both online and offline channels, simultaneously.

To match this demand and to adopt the new buying behavior of customers, merchants need to create a network of connected channels/systems, leveraging the new technologies.

To enable Retailers and eCommerce Players meet their customer’s needs, we’re investing heavily in our products to bring in new features and updates.

Updates for the month of June:

  • Android App: Our app now supports ‘Pick by SKU’ and ‘Pick by Order’ functions.
  • Catalog Management System Integration: Vin eRetail’s integration with Vinculum’s Catalog Management System to list SKUs on global marketplaces.
  • Advanced Inbound Search: View inbound details based on ‘lot number’ present in advance search option of Inquiry screen.
  • HSN Code Support: New changes enable the system to support HSN codes in alphanumeric format or starting with Zero.
  • POS Head Office View: Now, users can view and monitor data and transactions for all POS stores from POS head office location.
  • New Integrations:

Vinculum is enabling the eCommerce ecosystem with its powerful SaaS-based products having 150+ integrations with web-stores, marketplaces and fulfilments partners, globally. Serving big brands in the industry, our customer portfolio comprises players in eCommerce/Retail, Online Marketplaces, Last Mile Fulfilment Companies and CPGs.

Check our complete list of integrations here.

About the Products

Vin eRetail, a SaaS-based order management, fulfillment and analytics product to enable multi-channel retailing with ready integrations to 150+ marketplaces, 3PLs and web stores.

Vin eRetail POS is a cloud-based Point of Sale system which can be integrated with online as well as offline sales channels helping retailers in offering a seamless shopping experience to their customers and managing their in-store operations with ease.

Vin eRetail WMS is cloud-based Warehouse Management System designed to optimize the warehouse operations. The system involves a number of processes that are important when shipping, receiving, or even putting away materials and integrates with your multiple online as well as offline sales channels.

To know more about Vin eRetail and how can we help your business grow, Schedule a Call with our experts now!!

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