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August 7, 2019
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Magento 2.3 launch is 2019’s key highlight for the Magento community. With this launch, Magento has introduced new tools that will help ecommerce sellers to grow their business.

With updated features, Magento stores will now deliver robust services to their customers leading to an increase in revenues, profits and customer satisfaction.

Vinculum’s Vin eRetail is now compatible with Magento 2.3. And, here’s how you will benefit.

Key Benefits for Magento Store Owners

Let’s go through key features of Magento 2.3 release and see how it will add value to Magento stores.

Key Benefits


Asynchronous and Bulk Web APIs

In the current version of Magento, when we make an API request, it is queued up until it finishes executing the previous request. This means it will take time to process responses.

But now, the asynchronous API makes it easy to run multiple API requests at the same time. The integrations won’t need to wait for a longer time in case of bulk API calls.

New scalable APIs have brought better control over the timing and execution of API calls. All of this at greater volume and without waiting for all previous operations to complete, leading to faster performance.

Multi-location Inventory


Multi-location or multi-source inventory (MSI) helps ecommerce sellers to manage inventory across multiple locations such as warehouses and stores from within the Magento admin.

MSI provides the following features to ecommerce sellers:

  • Assign products and quantities to sources of fulfillment
  • Improve operational efficiency with rules to prioritize and manage the inventory sources automatically that are used to fulfill orders in real-time
  • Manage and track inventory at each fulfillment source
  • Integrate with third-party inventory systems

The sellers with single inventory location benefit from MSI with an inventory reservation system that tracks deductions from the salable product stock when customers add products to cart.

This results in accurate stock/inventory counts and improves conversion rates due to high performing checkouts.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Studio

PWA enable store owners to deliver superior mobile experiences that increase engagement and boost conversion rate.

Progressive web apps can be used to provide fast, integrated and reliable app-like mobile commerce to the end customer. It means that if you open a website on your phone browser, the look and feel would be like a mobile application.

Page Builder

Magento’s page builder has made it easy to create new pages, enrich products and categories, and update content.

Page builder provides robust functionalities like drag-and-drop interface, content types (images, videos, and banners) and instant preview capabilities to enable non-technical users to design their webpages and take control of their content.

New Security Tools

Magento has introduced Two Factor Authentication to secure your stores from hackers. Under two factor authentication, a security code is sent to the user’s registered phone number to verify his identity.

Another security feature introduced by Magento is reCAPTCHA tool. It has a built-in mechanism to detect spam-related activities, bots and malicious users.

Additional Updates

Some other features introduced in Magento 2.3 are as follows:

  • Magento Shipping – Support for global availability and new fulfillment options
  • GraphQL – Developers can now query specific data elements from APIs in a single request which provides faster and more predictable presentation results
  • Declarative schema – Developers can declare the desired final state of the database and the system will automatically adjust, without performing redundant operations thus making upgrade and installation process easy
  • Improved indexing performance – Sharding and parallel processing of indexers reduces indexation times by over 60% to support larger sites and quicker product updates

In Summary

Magento 2.3 launch has made it easy for developers to deliver on high expectations of the clients and ecommerce sellers to fuel their online revenue.

If you are still running an offline store and want to take your store online, Vinculum can help. Make an enquiry to know how.


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