Vinculum and The MDM Institute Webinar: J&J’s success with business-critical master data governance

October 4, 2016
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Vinculum and The MDM Institute Webinar: J&J’s success with business-critical master data governance

“MDM Without governance…is just data integration!” – Aaron Zornes

Large organizations today have hundreds or thousands of databases and applications. Creating business value from this large amount of data is no longer an easy task.

Master Data describes the core data assets on which a business runs. The goal of Master Data Management (MDM) is to identify, validate and resolve all data issues, and at the same time, create a ‘Golden Copy’ or master data set for all the enterprise’s systems and services.

Data governance ensures that the data is understood by the business from a definition, sourcing, quality and accountability perspective.

Research from The MDM Institute confirms that Master Data Governance (MDG) empowers enterprises to enhance business performance, and integrate business policies with operational processes.

Vinculum is partnering with The MDM Institute in a webinar to discuss Master Data Governance and how enterprises can leverage it to improve data quality and streamline operations in an efficient way.

The webinar will offer expert advice from Aaron Zornes, Chief Research Officer, The MDM Institute, Gil Gamez, Master Data & Supply Chain Systems, Johnson & Johnson, Annajee Nott, Co-founder, Vinculum Group, Deepak Singla, Co-founder, Vinculum Group, Paul Moodey, Global Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson, and Gregory Emmert, VP Operations – USA, Vinculum Group.

This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of key MDG trends along with an in-depth case study by Fortune 50 pharmaceutical Johnson & Johnson. 

13th October 2016
11:30 am – 12:30 am EST

Key Takeaways from the webinar

  • Delivering fast Time-to-Value via pre-built industry-specific business rules.
  • Applying MDG to establish Data Model & Business Rules.
  • Maintaining enterprise data quality via MDG-managed Business Process Orchestration.
  • Synchronizing Data Elements, Reference Data, Business Rules & Business Glossaries.

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