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Scale up your eCommerce sales easily – Vin eRetail Express is now integrated with OnlineSales.ai

  • April 27, 2018
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Vinculum with OnlineSales

Whenever we talk about the online selling of products, the first thing that comes in mind is selling online on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart etc.. Definitely, these marketplaces offer a lot of opportunities to the merchants who want to sell their products online, but with opportunities there exists a cut-throat competition as well.

To sustain the competition, it is extremely important to understand the business aspects and what your competitors are doing to grow their business. Sellers today are more diligent while making their sales strategy. It has become even more important to select a right tool to support their sales strategy and bring the most out of their eCommerce business.

To provide a unique platform for helping eCommerce companies scale up the business of eCommerce Sellers, Vinculum has partnered with OnlineSales.ai

We are glad to onboard OnlineSales.ai to the rapidly growing network of channel partners!

Vinculum in association with OnlineSales.ai provides a unified platform to manage your Orders, Inventory, Returns as well as run optimized Amazon sponsored ads using a single interface.

With this alliance, we are offering sellers a solution through which they can not only save their time by optimizing their eCommerce operations but they can now increase sales through AI-driven highly optimized Amazon sponsored ads.

About OnlineSales.ai:

OnlineSales.ai is an AI-driven eCommerce Marketing platform. At the core of OnlineSales.ai’s platform, billions of data points are mined daily from across retailers’ product catalog, user psychographics & funnel analytics. The platform leverages this intelligence to deliver unparalleled marketing experience across channels to eCommerce players globally.

How OnlineSales.ai works?

Automated Keyword Selection: OnlineSales.ai intelligently generates thousands of relevant keywords for each of your products.

Optimized bidding & budgeting: Real-Time bidding to deliver the best possible sales & margins for your business.

Up-to 10X ROI, Zero Overheads: Leverage platform intelligence, automation and actionable analytics.

About Vinculum Group:

Vinculum is a global software company enabling the eCommerce ecosystem with SaaS-based products for Multi-Channel Order management and fulfillment. Our software help Marketplaces, Sellers on marketplaces, eTailers, 3PLs, CPG Companies and Retailers to collaborate with one another and identify new revenue streams through multiple sales channels.

About Vin eRetail eXpress

Vin eRetail eXpress is a SaaS-based Order Management & Fulfillment software for eCommerce sellers to help them:

  • Easily Sell on Multiple Marketplaces
  • Manage Orders, Inventory & Returns via Single Screen
  • Enable Cross-border Fulfillment to Reach New Geographies
  • Manage Warehousing & Returns
  • No Need for Technical Knowledge, Hassle-free Implementation

To know more about how we can help your business grow: Schedule a callback now!

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