What Is an eCommerce Enabler?

August 24, 2020
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The Internet has opened to immense business opportunities all across the world and the retail industry is an example of it.

Due to Covid-19, e-commerce has become a new norm and is massively preferred by consumers and sellers.

Ecommerce based retail revenue has an estimated foot of around 2 billion e-shoppers worldwide, future developments such as online shopping are accelerating the change from in-store buying to everywhere and anytime shopping.

But it is difficult for every small retailer to go online as it requires other important aspects to grow. So, they sell on bigger eCommerce platforms called third-party vendors.

But they are not enablers, almost half of the industry doesn’t seem to know the difference between a marketplace and an enabler.

What is an eCommerce Enabler?

E-commerce enablers provide a client with whatever it takes to sell efficiently online.

They offer one-stop solutions such as website optimization, making market strategies, integrating all digital media, supervising customer service, handling shipment and logistics, so that client can completely focus on the growing aspects of their business.

aCommerce and iCommerce are among the known enablers of Southeast Asia.

The eCommerce platform such as Amazon, Tmall, Lazada, Alibaba provides an online window for buying and selling. It also enables product managing accounts but is not enabler ecommerce.

How it works?

enabler ecommerce engages closely with the marketplace and other eCommerce platforms, but it is not a marketplace.

The global brands like Microsoft, Samsung, Reckitt Benckiser enjoy the functions of an enabler ecommerce and marks a distinctive growth in the market of Southeast Asia.

As the world is growing digital, everything is moving fast with new technologies evolving. Therefore, depending just on the eCommerce platform for your business will push you behind from others.

The inventory, pricing, customer support, vouchers require maintenance and regular check around the clock. It even gets more complex when eCommerce manages several websites and marketplace shop-in-shop.

Let’s check some of the key benefits of eCommerce enabler

Online Store Management

Ecommerce enablers handle daily operations, online promotion, and vouchers. It focuses on building brand image and boosting your sales up. It provides the best brand online presence.

Product Management

Enabler ecommerce manages the entire listing and pricing of the products. It keeps a constant check on promos by engaging closely with other online platforms. It also looks after the copyright description and professional appearance.

Order Shipment

It reduces the order processing time by quick response and delivery. Ecommerce enabler possesses its warehouse to cut short the order fulfillment process.

eCommerce enabler report

Customer Support

This service is very demanding and needs to be professional. The eCommerce enabler has a team of experts to manage this service.

Good customer support builds trust and satisfaction among the customers and hence aids in enhancing your brand image.


Any sort of business generates a pile of reports such as sales, SKU progress reports, analytical reports, etc. To check the status of your business, a detailed analysis of reports is required.

The skilled e commerce enablers precisely make improvements and present the required data to grow in the tough competition.

Digital Ads

Digital marketing has taken over newspapers and TV advertisements. The eCommerce business which is focussing to grow big globally needs to adopt digital paid ads.

The enablers have technical experts who not only consider account and marketing management but also focuses on demography and interests while creating such ads, which can play a role in speeding your eCommerce success. But this can be costly.

How the industry is gradually adopting eCommerce enablers?

As of 2018 half of the eCommerce industry didn’t know about eCommerce enablers.

The marketplace gives platforms to various retailers to sell and manage accounts and also offers a good shopping experience to make a niche at the market share.

But it achieves it by slashing prices and pushing the sellers to increase the sales.

The seller fights their own battle to maintain or grow their brand by offering the best prices and constantly checking on the competitors.

While the e commerce enablers work with the marketplace and its clients to elevate Gross Merchandise Value. It helps in increasing brand visibility online.

With years of experience, eCommerce enablers streamline the entire supply chain process by successfully providing end-to-end eCommerce solutions.


E-commerce enablers are slowly gripping the online industry across the border. Now, when the difference is known between the marketplace and enabler, it’s clear to understand the requirement of an enabler as per your business needs.

Aligning with enablers is cost-effective and works on the key principle of your brand. It can generate high revenue in a short period, based on a detailed analysis of business reports.

It gives 24/7 customer support and bridges the communication gap. The enabler ecommerce provide seamless operation.

Before identifying the enabler for your business check on –

  • The total experience it has and how well they have performed in the market
  • The kind of industries they have worked for and how it is similar to your business.
  • Its technology advancements and how well it can grow your business digitally.

After going through all the aspects, decide if your business needs the enabler or not.

Even eCommerce enablers are not ideal and need updating. But seeing the Southeast Asian market, in no time this will become common practice.


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