5 Reasons Why ‘Ready Integrations’ are Important for eCommerce Companies

June 21, 2022
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With the advancement of eCommerce technology, functionalities grew, systems became more automated, and it took much less time to update the same information across multiple solutions. And all of this was possible mainly due to Integrations.


Integrations are streamlined procedures that connect two separate systems to allow the simple exchange of necessary data for enhanced performance. They don’t merely link systems together; they also improve them by adding new functionalities. Integrations are crucial for increasing efficiency, productivity, and adaptability. Integration’s purpose is to integrate your existing systems with third-party apps to provide a cost-effective business solution.

Possessing ready integrations in your eCommerce environment helps you provide a better online experience. It also allows your back-end business operations to be more agile. It helps successfully manage cross-channel sales and fulfillment, track your customers’ sales journeys, automate day-to-day operational operations, and gain actionable insights.

Let’s look at some of the top integration benefits to see how they might assist you in boosting your company’s everyday productivity.

  • Reduced Human Intervention and Improved Data Accuracy

Order and inventory management, product information management, and warehouse and logistics management are all part of multichannel operations. However, you spend most of your time updating several sources with relevant information. This process necessitates significant physical involvement and frequent inspections and monitoring.

An integrated system would double incoming data such as order source, amount, delivery address, and payment method and update all necessary solutions precisely. This facility eliminates inconsistencies and inaccuracies all over the place. The factual data gets saved in secure business databases so others can get the information they need whenever they need it without worrying about the information’s legitimacy or validity.

  • Increased Efficiency

Process agility and transparency are improved by quickly accessing data in a single system. Due to quick synchronization, every integrated system component is updated as soon as any changes occur. Such a fast update allows you to improve the speed of your operations while also enhancing efficiency. This process is of great help when considering a report from econsultancy.com. The report stated that about 18% of Southeast Asian eCommerce businesses struggle to maintain their multichannel operation due to the absence of data integration.

You can keep track of inventory across many markets without dealing with separate procedures, streamline your order processing flow, and even handle peak-season specials. As a result, integrations enable you to manage all of your activities from a single location, automate routine tasks, and increase the efficiency of your company.

  • Improved Customer Experience

Customers know their purchase history, order status, and shipping tracking thanks to integrations that enable real-time updates in customer records and inventory and order data. Integrations allow you to deliver a massive array of information to your clients immediately by acquiring updated order tracking details and product information directly from the ERP system to the sales channels. This facility encourages customers to purchase more regularly since they know what to expect from each action they do while shopping online.

  • Streamlined Operations and Reduced Turnaround Time

The ‘State of B2B Ecommerce in ANZ, Southeast Asia, and India’ research presents an exciting piece of research. They said that Integrating back-end operations and supply chain software helped 34% of Southeast Asian enterprises alter their multichannel management experience.

Because integrations happen in real-time, every function has quick access to essential operational data. As a result, any needless delays are reduced, and the appropriate process and order alerts are triggered. You can obtain control over each company’s process and make operations more efficient and straightforward. While integrations help you enhance productivity, efficiency, and other aspects of your organization, they also assist the bottom line in the long run.

  • Improved Sales Effectiveness

A lack of critical sales data for every online business may be significant. However, by combining and monitoring all of your sales channels and marketplaces on a single platform, you can track each product’s and channel’s performance. You can get information about items sold on each channel and the advertising style that appeals to particular customers. And can develop a better sales plan to accomplish each company’s target.

Two approaches to enhance your bottom line are lower selling expenses and boost sales. However, having ready-to-use integrations promotes these approaches to achieving your business objectives. While a better online experience boosts conversions, minimizing operational problems boosts efficiency. Your firm increases as your top line begin to perform nicely.


As a result, enabling quick integrations with partners and systems may relieve stress and help you accomplish your growth goals faster. As such, integrations not only automate your processes and boost your productivity but also assist you in achieving your real company goals.


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