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5 things to look for in a cloud warehouse management system

  • August 30, 2017
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  • 3 MIN READ

Good inventory management plays an extremely critical role in running an efficient eCommerce fulfillment process. And efficient fulfillment results in processing more orders with fewer mistakes, leaving you to focus on improving cash flow, selling more, making your customers happier and more importantly, ensuring the success of your fulfillment operations! Central to this inventory management is an efficient warehouse management system. In short, a good warehouse management system plays an integral role in managing your inventory more efficiently, processing all your orders across multiple marketplaces faster, with a lesser number of errors. Automating your warehouse management necessarily means implementing a good cloud-based warehouse management solution.

In order to successfully run eCommerce fulfillment operations, you will require an efficient warehouse management system that will streamline and optimize your operations to enable you to:

  • Fulfill orders across multiple online marketplaces & geographies
  • Streamline the flow of information between in-house solution and third-party solutions (last mile delivery/fulfillment partners)
  • Assign inventory to orders seamlessly
  • Reduce delivery time and order accuracy error
  • Reduce operational expenses by reducing waste and intelligent inventory management
  • Better demand planning based on execution of perfect orders

5 things eCommerce fulfillment companies need to look for in a Cloud-based Warehouse Management Solution:

It is critical to choose a WMS (Warehouse Management System) designed for eCommerce fulfillment. Some of the key features to pay attention include:

  • Order Fulfillment from multiple warehouses:

A system that integrates inventory across multiple warehouses to fulfill multi-location orders in the fastest and most profitable manner possible

  • Ready Integration to marketplaces:

This is a clear need for faster onboarding of customers. This requires that the Warehouse Management System used by the 3PL or the eCommerce fulfillment center is integrated with partner marketplaces. Provides ready Integrations with leading marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues etc. helps in systematic and smooth syncing of orders for processing and fulfillment

  • Segregation of inventory for multiple clients:

Based on historical data, past buying behavior/trends, your Warehouse Management solution should have the intelligence to segregate, earmark and store the inventory of specific clients separately. Client wise segregation of inventory enables faster and accurate inventory control

  • Flexible Billing:

Depending on the product mix, order lot size and location of delivery, the billing for items being delivered varies. Your warehouse management solution should have the automated flexibility to incorporate such fluctuation in billing from multiple 3PLs.

  • Client Portal:

The WMS solution should not only play a critical role in integrating your 3PL company with partner 3PL companies but should also enable the management of multiple clients through a single screen interface to ensure efficient business process

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