A 5-Point Plan to Strengthen Your Multichannel Sales Strategy

December 27, 2021
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A 5-Point Plan to Strengthen Your Multichannel Sales Strategy

The e-commerce platform has been set up worldwide to attract end-users fascinatingly. E-commerce has changed the shopping pattern from offline to online by collecting relevant information and getting close to customer experience and desires. The sales have increased to a significant percentage. But sales through multi-channel left the seller bothering on Broadway. With the increase in sales, it is pretty challenging to keep track of the sales from each platform, like web stores, commercial channels, and marketplaces. This makes the process complex and difficult in distinguishing the sales performance. It’s pretty baffling to look into each KPI to have a note of it.

To avoid such a lengthy process, we have jotted down a few KPIs to figure out the multi-channel sales pattern and strategies. Let’s explore each metric in detail and get a brief idea about the same.

1. Channel-wise performance

This comes first in the list to keep track of the multi-channel sales to process. The Channel -wise performance gathers the data and techniques to figure out the sales in a regular manner.

Let’s start with the most obvious one first. Channel-wise sales performance is a profound way to handle the metrics and easily. You can compare the multi-channel sales on specific criteria such as:

  • The amount of revenue generated
  • GMV regularly
  • The ratio of consumers vs. visitors
  • The number of orders generated

If you follow the above metrics, it will help increase sales in a good ratio to make the market more attractive and exciting.

2. Keep an eye on Conversion rates

The only thing that e-commerce juggles is the cart abandonment rate. It is measured as the products placed by the customers but couldn’t reach the target. Such cart rate helps you understand the behaviors of the visitors and the followers in a smooth way.

It is formulated as-.

Cart Abandonment Rate = [(Amount of order generated/ No. of shopping carts created) *100]-100

The Cart Abandonment Rate is visible in between 60% to 80%. The entire process to get cart rate depends on the pattern that has been chosen and the organization you are enrolled in. You can follow, test, and efficiently manage the sales strategies.

Lesser the cart rate more is the conversion cycle that helps you in the sales growth.

3. Consumer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction gives the consumer experience in a significant way. The more effort you put into delivering the proper transitions, the happier the customer is. The customers feel it challenging to choose the channels for sales and end up in complexity. Understanding the consumer choices and their experience or whether you need to improve it is yet to work on.

To understand such KPIs, the only thing that you need to follow is collecting the shoppers’ feedback and figuring it out accordingly. Once the feedback is on your desk, you can easily understand the responses and the services to distinguish them.

It has been differentiated in the following ways:

  • Detractors (6 or below 6): The buyers are not happy with the services you provide and suggest the changes.
  • Passives (7-8): They are satisfied somehow but eager to shift to other brands and their benefits.
  • Promoters (between 9-10): They will promote your brands and will likely increase sales as soon as possible.

To calculate the Net Promoter Score (NPS), you have to minus the detractors from promoters. NPS must be above 50 to get excellent sales in the market.

This may not increase sales but gives a brief idea regarding the customer experiences and the services they are keen to get from us.

4. How to measure the Gross Margins

It is formulated as:

Gross Margins = Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold

And the rate of Gross Margin is – Gross Margin Rate = (Gross Margin/Revenue) * 100

The more you make the margin, the more you make the profits out of it.

The gross rate helps you to invest in such a platform without any second options. Ring the bell to multi-channel sales to make the market more profitable and stable.

5. Customer and its value

Customer lifetime value is all about the revenue that you expect from a customer in the business’s tenure to maintain good relationships in the market. You need to keep track of such metrics in every step to preserve the record of the same.

To keep an eye on the KPI, you need to find out the following:

  • Average size of the order(A) = Total revenue generated/ Total orders generated
  • Average frequency order(B) = Total orders/Number of customers
  • The average value of the customer = B/A
  • Average Lifespan of the costumer(D) = first order date – last order date

The above values will help you find out the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). CLV gives a precise idea of the revenue generated by the particular customer. The more the customers keep on ordering, the more value it adds to the sales. Such metrics will help you get information related to every customer from different channels.

The CLV needs to be monitored briefly and keep a constant record of the four values simply. You need to control the continuous updates of the customer experience and the sales they choose to flourish the market vividly.

These KPIs give a clear picture of the multi-channel sales for a better future and a great market. The need for time is to monitor the sales flow and mark the benchmarks of demand in a sophisticated way.

The current scenario updates the metrics strategies and updates the market growth in a fascinating manner. The flow of sales from diverse channels makes the market stunning and growing. And focus more on the customer experience and the order they want to place from the cart to catch the sales flow in the market in to and fro way. The above article has suggested different ways to calculate the metrics and make the deal closer to the e-commerce platform.


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