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April 5, 2021
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The Middle East, especially the GCC region seems highly lucrative in terms of business expansion, growth for a wide range of industry verticals, especially for the eCommerce giants. The eCommerce landscape across the globe has witnessed a paradigm shift in the last decade, and this can be attributed to technological advancements, and shifting customer behaviors.

Yes, today’s customers prefer online shopping far more than visiting brick-and-mortar stores. There are always these benefits such as comparing a multitude of options before deciding on a purchase, doorstep delivery, cost-effective products, Best Selling Products on Noon etc. And, online selling has become the new normal for retailers and brands, especially in the Middle East. Studies cite that close to 48% of shoppers in the GCC region visit multiple online sites to look for products, make comparisons and finally make a purchase. Considering this, the eCommerce arena in the middle east looks highly promising, which is expected to clock $ 49 billion in sales by 2021.

While eCommerce businesses across the globe have set their eyes on making the most of this opportunity, the million-dollar question remains the same – how to achieve this? Well, the ultimate response is to how to become a noon seller.

how to become a noon seller

To give you a background, Noon Marketplace is one of the biggest marketplaces in the GCC region, which is a fully homegrown digital marketplace active since 2017. Despite the early years, Noon has succeeded in garnering close to 2 million customers and counting. Product versatility and the ease of usage of the selling platform are some of the strong fortes of Noon.

Noon Marketplace hosts a multitude of sellers who make their mark in the GCC region by selling new, used, or refurbished products with considerably higher ease. Besides, they enjoy complete visibility and control over their sales, operations, etc. It enables sellers to have two modes of selling – Noon FBN, and Noon B2B.

Here are some of the prominent reasons why retailers should consider how to become a noon seller.

  • Noon Marketplace offers online sellers the opportunity to garner great exposure to audiences – the potential ones in a highly efficient manner
  • Noon has a domino effect when it comes to raising brands awareness. Being visible on Noon will help the retailers to garner greater digital footfall on their websites/eCommerce platforms
  • Greater customer acquisition, engagement, and retention
  • eCommerce, and trust go hand in hand. Noon enables the sellers to have the much-needed trust factor, and the vote of confidence for their existing, and potential customers
  • Having an eCommerce platform for yourself might not be necessary if you as a retailer is a top seller on Noon
  • There is nothing manual when it comes to the selling functionalities at Noon (Best Selling Products on Noon). The reduced manual dependency enables sellers to focus on more important tasks at hand such as rehashing their product portfolio, curating marketing strategies, and devising customer acquisition road-maps.

Now, let’s deep dive into how to become a noon seller, the prerequisites, and other intricacies.

In order to begin your eCommerce sales journey on Noon, and take it to the next level, here are the necessary steps to be followed.

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Owning a valid trading license and being a registered company in the UAE, KSA and Egypt are the two important prerequisites for being a seller on Noon. Once the licensing aspect is taken care of, sellers can proceed with the next step of creating an account on, submit copies of all the required documents and pay out the Noon seller fees.

The list of important documents that prospective sellers need to have while registering on Noon include:

  • Trading license or Commercial Registration
  • Passport or Residence ID
  • Residence Visa for non-nationals
  • Proof of purchase/invoice
  • Letter from distribution authorization, or a manufacturer permit/certificate
  • VAT certificate or VAT non-enrollment declaration for those who aren’t registered

Once the documentation process is completed, prospective sellers need to wait for a week in order for the Noon seller support team to check and validate the information shared. This will be followed by a set of training sessions to acquaint the sellers with the platform’s features, and modus operandi.


After the account is live, and ready, sellers need to share their bank details in order to receive payments for all their sales and purchase transactions. For that the sellers need to provide the below details on a signed and stamped company letterhead:

    • The legal name of the company
    • Bank account number
    • Iban
    • Swift code
    • Bank branch
    • Store currency (once chosen, it wouldn’t be possible to change it in the future)
    • Cancelled check that has company’s legal name, the bank account number, and IBAN


Post account activation, the seller has to choose either one of the Noon fulfillment options that the platform offers or even go with both the options as long as the inventory is maintained separately for each of the fulfillment options.

Noon B2B Fulfilment

Well, don’t get confused with the B2B terminology, it does not denote business-to-business in this instance. Opting for the basic B2B or Back to Back selling mode of fulfillment with Noon, sellers are in charge of handling and maintaining their product portfolio. Once an order is received, the Noon logistics team otherwise known as noon express picks up the order from the seller’s facility and takes it to their own fulfillment for managing end to end delivery.

The advantage of choosing this mode of order fulfillment is that the seller gets to have complete control of the pricing, processing and quality of your products.

Noon FBN

By opting for the Noon FBN or Fulfilled by Noon option, the seller allows the marketplace to store their products in their own fulfillment centers, manage and maintain them and deliver to the end customers from there itself. This saves the sellers the complete hassle of managing the fulfillment; instead, they can rather concentrate on promoting their business and fixing the prices.

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