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As the name suggests, Direct-to-consumer is the eCommerce strategy to reach the consumers directly. This strategy reaps the benefit of the elimination of any intermediate and representing the brand directly to consumers.

Direct-to-consumer sales is a process of selling products directly to the consumer to make the customer experience more seamless.

The brands or Sellers wanting to capitalize on direct contact with the consumers prefer to sell directly to consumers and are referred to as Direct-to-consumer brands. It can be an Internet first brand or a legacy brand.

If a brand reaches out to consumers directly by using its own channels without relying on any traditional intermediaries, It is called a direct-to-consumer brand.

To go Direct-to-consumer, the elimination of the middleman is the key. Direct-to-consumer brands are also proactive in responding to customers and acquire customer data in order to make key business decisions. Vinculum plays an important role here to provide you with an entire Direct-to-consumer toolkit.