Fabelio’s eCommerce initiatives go fab with Vinculum!

June 1, 2016
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Fabelio’s eCommerce initiatives go fab with Vinculum!

At an annual growth rate of over 8 percent, the furniture industry in Indonesia is projected to reach a size of USD 5.5 billion by 2018.

Fabelio is at the helm of a transformation taking the traditional furniture industry by storm.

A leading online retailer based out of Jakarta, the company is targeted at the middle-class Indonesian customer, whose furniture needs have been largely ignored both offline and online, when it comes to quality of design and materials.

It brings to the furniture and home décor segment, modern and minimalist trends via its eCommerce platform, with more than 350 different options spread across 15 different categories.

Our Engagement:

Fabelio is partnering with us to manage both its B to C and B to B businesses.

Our solutions Vin eRetail and Seller Panel will help Fabelio:

Fabelio Sells on multiple marketplaces

Vin eRetail’s integrations with logistics companies and online marketplaces will help facilitate last-mile fulfillment for the online retailer.

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