Genex powers B2B & B2C fulfillment with Vinculum’s cloud-based WMS

June 23, 2017
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Genex Logistics

All about Genex

Genex offers comprehensive logistics platform which is managed by a cohesive team represented by specialists from Supply Chain Strategy, Logistics Operations, Core Transportation, International Freight Management, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, 3PL, 4PL, Warehousing & Distribution, Project Logistics and Customer Relationship Management. Genex Logistics platform spans across India and has decisively influenced the Logistics & Transportation industry in the country. Genex Logistics has been at the forefront setting benchmarks for Logistics, Transportation, Freight Forwarding and Project Logistics Industry in India.

Our Engagement

Genex partnered with Vinculum to effectively streamline their warehouse management and B2B fulfillment activities with the help of Vin eRetail WMS – a cloud-based warehouse management system.

Key Challenges

They required a solution that would optimize their operations, allowing them to:

  • Effectively manage the clients’ inventory and support different business-specific needs of clients
  • Fulfill orders of a client from multiple warehouses and locations
  • Track Order & Inventory (client-wise) in real-time
  • Assign client-wise inventory to orders seamlessly
  • Fulfill the orders of multiple clients in various Industries like textiles, automobile parts, electronics etc. with varied requirements
  • Handle all kind of products like raw material, semi-finished goods and finished goods in the system
  • Provide the Real-time view of Inventory to Clients

Solution offered

Genex worked with Vinculum to automate their logistics/warehousing operations and provide technology-enabled services to their clients. Vin eRetail WMS, our SaaS-based Warehouse Management Solution delivered the following:

  • Enabled Multi-Client, Multiple Location setups to enable effective and efficient order fulfillment
  • Zone and Bin level hierarchy to manage inventory efficiently
  • Integration with multiple channels of clients for order capturing and fulfillment
  • Client-wise segregation of inventory to manage multiple clients & their inventory across multiple locations
  • Management of all types of SKUs in the warehouse
  • Ability to process different industry-specific orders and manage warehouse operations while fulfilling the customized requirement of each client
  • Real-time visibility and tracking of inventory across locations which reduced turnaround times
  • Easy Order Management and Fulfillment by routing orders to locations based on inventory availability
  • Real-time view of inventory to Genex’s clients through Client Portal

Vin eRetail WMS helped Genex automate the processes, resulting in higher efficiencies and timely shipments. This also optimized their operations and improved productivity. The Warehouse management solution offered them the flexibility and agility to respond to the changing demands of various industries and businesses.

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