Holisol conquers eCommerce fulfillment with Vinculum’s Cloud based WMS

May 31, 2016
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Holisol conquers eCommerce fulfillment with Vinculum’s Cloud based WMS

All about Holisol – a premier supply chain and logistics company:

Delhi-based Holisol is one of the country’s premier supply chain and logistics providers, helping e-commerce firms channelize and streamline their back-end operations to deliver products to the consumer timely and efficiently.

Founded in 2009, Holisol Logistics currently processes 70,000 orders and manages 600,000 square feet of fulfillment centers across 14 locations. Its client list boasts of leading eCommerce firms – Jabong, UrbanLadder, and Cerana, along with brands such as Rangriti, Biba, and NDTV Smart Cookie.

The journey so far

Recently, the organization closed a round of funding worth $10 million, led by the firm CLSA Capital Partners.

The six-year-old company will use the proceeds to set up more fulfillment centers, expand its last-mile delivery network and expand its portfolio of supply chain optimization solutions.

We worked with Holisol to help them deliver logistics solutions to their clients more efficiently and effectively.

The bottlenecks

The company had several pain points and faced many challenges while scaling up.

Holisol required a solution to optimize their operations and make their supply chain more efficient. They wanted a system that had the capability to manage, assign and track orders. They needed a system that could allow real-time visibility of inventory across locations for their different clients. We helped Holisol –

Get a consolidated view of warehouses:

This ended the need for disparate client systems and enabled a consolidated view of warehouse across clients. It also aided in report preparation for clients after extracting data.

Automate its processes

For certain clients, the operations were being managed using excel sheets. This led to low operational efficiencies and delayed shipments. This was a huge challenge especially while handling perishable goods.

Improve productivity:

We helped Holisol improve its productivity, by implementing a single instance of our solution for each warehouse location. This saved time for the staff since they no longer needed to have separate logins for multiple locations.

Make Order Management and fulfillment easy

Our solution made order management easier by routing orders to locations based on inventory availability, removing the need for manual order routing processes.

Improve their inventory management processes:

  • Holisol managed several clients, which was why client-wise segregation of inventory was a critical need
  • We helped them ease tracking of inventory across locations, hence, reduced their turnaround times

Fueling growth – The Impact:

We helped fuel Holisol’s growth by –

  • We implemented our flagship product, Vin eRetail WMS, a SaaS-based retail suite for enabling multi-channel order management & fulfillment
  • Vin eRetail WMS helped them during EOSS (End of Season Sale), by seamlessly handling 10x the normal volumes of orders with 0 errors
  • We helped manage batches of their inventory with client-wise segregation, hence enabled inventory tracking within the warehouse and increased efficiency
  • They had order management issues while assigning inventory. The system helped them manage orders across multiple warehouses, hence, removed redundancies in their systems
  • Our solutions helped provide real-time view to Holisol’s clients about the status of their inventory and order through access to the Vinculum Client portal

What lies ahead?

With the fresh infusion of funds, Holisol continues to chart new heights in India’s growing logistics industry. The six-year-old company will use the proceeds to set up more fulfillment centers, expand its last-mile delivery network and expand its portfolio of supply chain optimization solutions.

We continue to work with Holisol – aiding them in their efforts to delight their customers.

Hear the story from Naveen Rawat, CEO of Holisol –

With the growth of eCommerce industry, logistics solutions providers like Holisol, ColdEX etc. will move towards B2C eCommerce fulfillment. With our integrations with more than 70 last-mile fulfillment companies, we empower logistic players to fulfill B2C orders with ease.

Our SaaS-based suite of products helps 3PLs achieve their growth plans via 150+ ready integrations with leading marketplaces, last mile delivery providers & retailers/manufacturers’ ERPs, globally.

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