How to become a Seller at Flipkart

March 30, 2021
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The global scenario today has opened various doors for small businesses. Online shopping portals like Flipkart, SnapDeal and Amazon have been constantly helping small business owners open their virtual business through e-commerce marketplaces.

According to ClearTax, Flipkart products worth USD 2.4 billion got sold in 2016 with an active customer base of about 2.6 crores. This shows a rapid growth in business opportunities for small businesses in the virtual world.

In this blog, get complete insights into how you can become a Flipkart seller and make seamless sales by selling through Flipkart.

Become a Flipkart Seller

Flipkart is one of the most popular sites in India today, and the possibilities of selling your product through the site are endless. However, you have to know how to work with them properly so that your products are seen and sold.

In order to sell on Flipkart, your business needs to sign up on the Flipkart seller portal (Link to Flipkart reseller page). While signing up, the Flipkart seller portal will ask for certain information including:

  • Name of Flipkart seller
  • Contact details of seller
  • Shipping details of seller
  • Product details
  • Tax registration documents, especially GST registration
  • Business registration documents Memorandum of Association or Certificate of Incorporation and others

There are additional documents required based on different kinds of business registrations. See for yourself where your business fits:

1. If you are a Sole Proprietor

Is your business going online on Flipkart as an individual who wants to sell via Flipkart on the basis of their own legal standpoint? This is a typical case of selling on Flipkart as a Sole Proprietorship.

Please note, in such a case, your business will have limited liability protection to the promoter. The business has no partners or investors and cannot be conveniently transferred. Although becoming a Flipkart seller as a Sole proprietor is not recommended, it’s a popular way of enjoying the perks of e-commerce marketing.

Documentation requirements a sole proprietor needs to produce during the process include:

Identity Proof prerequisites include:

  • Passport , PAN Card of sole proprietor
  • Voters ID or Driving License of sole proprietor

Any additional government ID proof with photo of seller

Address Proof prerequisites include:

  • Telephone bill in name of proprietor
  • Bank Account Statement of proprietor
  • Electricity bill of proprietor
  • License or Lease agreement of proprietor

2. If you are a Private Limited Company

The most desirable alternative you can explore while becoming a Flipkart is by becoming a Private Limited Company. Make transferability efficient, separate legal entities while creating an opportunity to build partnerships and scale up operations at a great pace.

Documentation requirements for a Private Limited Company to clear the process include:

Identity Proof prerequisites include:

  • Copy of registration documents of organisation as a Private Ltd. company
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • PAN card details of company

Address Proof prerequisites include:

  • Telephone bill in name of company
  • Electricity bill of company
  • Lease or rental agreement

3. If you are a Partnership Firm or a LLP

There is not much of a hassle associated with becoming Flipkart sellers as a Partnership Firm or as a Limited Liability Partnership. Make legal processes seamless and ownership transferability simpler with this format of Flipkart seller ownership.

Documentation requirements for a LLP to clear the process include:

Identity Proof prerequisites include:

  • Partnership registration copy
  • Partnership deed
  • PAN Card of company
  • Partner ID proof(s) and supporting documents
  • POA for partner to ensure smooth business transactions

Any additional government ID proof with photo of seller

Address Proof prerequisites include:

  • Partner official documents
  • Telephone bill of partner/LLP
  • Electricity bill of partner/LLP
  • Lease or rental agreement under partner/LLP name

Any additional government ID proof with photo partner/LLP

Prerequisites for Tax-related Registration

Once you, the seller decides to become a seller at Flipkart, and has taken care of the registration formalities, another quick step needs to be done to complete registration. Look into the tax registration as well as bank requirements for Flipkart sellers:

  • Name of business
  • PAN of company
  • GSTIN details
  • TAN & TDS details
  • Bank details of the business entity

Being a Flipkart seller can make you HUGE!

Quick and simple steps to successful sales is possible by submitting a few documents and becoming a Flipkart reseller! Your business can set up its storefront while adhering to the tax norms in relation with e-commerce selling.

Vinculum can help you work through the process of becoming a successful ecommerce seller without any hassle. Make online marketplace networking easy for your business with Vinculum.


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