How to leverage distributed order management for your business

February 6, 2016
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Distribted Order Management

Here’s how to make business sense of a distributed order management system

In this series, we talked of DOM – what it is, and what you should know before you implement such a system. Read it here.

What can DOM do for your business?

For instance, say I order a dress from pantaloons online on Monday. The order is to be delivered on Sunday. However, I leave town on Friday. With a DOM system, the retailer is able to give me complete visibility of the order as it is being shipped, as well as the option to track the shipment. Further, I am able to decide whether I would like to collect the order at the shop itself, reschedule it as per my convenience, or have it delivered.

Also, if I want same day delivery, it can be easily managed via DOM. The retailer could simply check the availability of inventory via the OMS, and ship to the customer’s location.

The retailer can check the availability of inventory via the OMS, and ship to the customer’s location.

Thus, the retailer has managed to provide me with a seamless brand experience.

How does DOM  system help? It syncs with various systems and manages:

  • Order states and events
  • Partial shipments
  • Back orders
  • Partial orders
  • Presale and recurring orders
  • Order versioning
  • Payment processing

Let us take an example:

Find the complete case study here.

Vin eRetail is our SaaS-based order fulfillment and inventory management software aimed at enabling multi-channel retailing. It provides a strong DOM functionality that –

  • Controls, re-routes and prioritizes orders automatically.
  • Monitors schedule and shipping requirements.
  •  Provides accurate order tracking.

A DOM system can benefit you whether you are a marketplace, a retailer, a supplier, or a manufacturer. Request a demo today.
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