Lion Parcel conquers MultiChannel fulfillment with Vinculum’s cloud-based solution

May 18, 2017
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Lion Parcel

All about Lion Parcel

With a growing network of over 238 aircraft, flying to more than 137 destinations through six airlines, Lion Air Group is the Indonesian market leader in the aviation industry.

Lion Parcel (PT Lion Express) is express courier arm of Lion Group, one of the largest airline company, serving both domestic and international markets. As a member of Lion Air Group, they leverage Lion Air’s aircraft fleet, widest network of destinations, and quality of service to become a leader in the logistics industry. They are committed to developing its network and services performance to deliver the certainty and security of goods and documents.

Key Challenges

Lion Parcel required a solution to help them optimize their operations. In order to scale up their business, they required a solution that would:

  • Manage inventory of 1000+ SMEs. This required system integration with all sales channels  – online (web stores, marketplaces) and offline (brick n mortar stores)
  • Support offline store operations; Update orders & customer details in real-time using a POS system.
  • Allow real-time visibility and tracking of inventory across channels and locations.
  • Provide route management and order booking by integrating with an existing TMS.

The Vinculum Solution

Vinculum’s SaaS-based product Vin eRetail helped Lion Parcel automate their operations and provide an effective and efficient logistics solutions to their clients. Our cloud-based solution delivered the following:

  • Real-time view of Inventory to Clients through Client Portal and push notifications
  • Integration with offline and online sales channels for fulfilling orders easily
  • POS system to streamline retail stores’ order fulfillment process
  • Easy order & inventory management using a single system
  • Automated procurement systems to never run out of inventory, increase efficiency and deliver orders on time

Implementation of Vinculum’s Vin eRetail Suite helped Lion Parcel easily manage their warehouses/fulfillment centers and automate their operations. The seamless connectivity with all sales channels helped Lion Parcel undertake eCommerce fulfillment and increase their operational efficiency.

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