Malaysia eCommerce workshop: ‘Turbocharge your online business’

July 25, 2017
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Malaysia has a digital population of more than 20 million people, the total revenue of the eCommerce market amounts to USD 1,121 million in 2017 and the expected annual growth rate is around 23.2% resulting in a market volume of US $ 2,585 million in 2021. These stats simply point towards the potential Malaysia beholds in becoming eCommerce superpower of Southeast Asia.

To be able to harness and channelize the momentum of eCommerce in the right direction, Vinculum and Malaysia E-Commerce Association have joined hands to help SMEs and other eCommerce ecosystem members ride the wave and take advantage of the growth opportunities prevalent globally via a dedicated workshop on how to Turbocharge Your Online businesses. The workshop is being held at Hotel Aloft KL Sentral, 5 Jalan Stensen Sentral, 50470, Malaysia from 8.30 AM to 2 PM local time.

Who should attend and why?

Small & Medium Businesses

  • Get started on how to sell online
  • How to sell on and manage multiple online shops (Lazada, Lelong)
  • If already selling online, then learn how to manage orders, inventory, returns better
  • 3rd Party Logistics/Shipping Companies
    • Make your warehouse and shipping operations B2C fulfillment ready
    • Make cross-border fulfillment a reality with ready integrations to multiple online shops, webstores and last mile fulfillment companies make

The workshop will cover industry updates, best practices and a hands-on experience of a leading multichannel order management and fulfillment software – Vin eRetail. The software is cloud based and allows businesses to manage online orders (from webstores, multiple online shops like Lazada, Lelong) inventory and returns from a single screen.

A series of workshops around listing on online shops, managing orders, inventory and going across borders with eCommerce operations are being planned for the betterment of the SMEs in general and the eCommerce ecosystem in specific. The dates will be announced in the near future.

In the meantime, here are a few interesting reads powered by Vinculum.

Know more about the workshop here: 

About Vinculum

Vinculum is a global software company enabling the eCommerce ecosystem with SaaS based products for order management and fulfillment. With ready integrations to web-stores, 3PLs and marketplaces, Vinculum enables multi-channel collaboration to help 3PLs, CPG companies, Retailers, eTailers, Marketplaces and Sellers on Marketplaces to sell across channels, fulfill cost effectively and unlock new revenue streams.

About Malaysia E-Commerce Association

Malaysia eCommerce Association (MEA) was established as a platform that provides all e-commerce-related knowledge and tools for Malaysian SME entrepreneurs who wish to transform their business from the traditional format to an online business. Through the MEA platform, they are building and maintaining a healthy eCommerce community to allow all members to exchange/share issues related to eCommerce, in addition to imparting knowledge and learning on the matter.

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