PrettySecrets turbocharges its OmniChannel growth journey with Vinculum

June 2, 2017
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All about PrettySecrets

PrettySecrets is India’s first and only exclusive online lingerie brand. It has a collection of over 10000 products in lingerie, nightwear, shapewear, swimwear, dressups, and more. PrettySecrets was created to inspire the new breed of Indian women. Its mission is to deliver superior quality lingerie as well as give its customers access to products and categories previously unavailable in the market. In April 2017, they entered the brick and mortar channel with the launch of standalone stores in Mumbai, India. The brand also plans to launch an additional 300 stores by 2019.

Key Challenges

They required a solution that would

  • Readily Integrate the order management system with the front end (web store) and brick n mortar stores’ systems to avoid manual interventions and errors while processing orders.
  • Automate processing and accounting of B2C & B2B orders.
  • Enable channel-based promotions and provide a common customer loyalty program across all the sales channels
  • Provide them strong reports and dashboard analytics for reducing efforts of collating data points from multiple sheets.
  • Enable warehousing functions and allow blocking of inventory for separate sales channels.
  • Easily integrate with multiple payment gateway solutions and payment partners.

The Vinculum Solution

Vinculum provided a one-stop platform to accomplish their coveted multi-channel Online-Offline, O2O strategy. Vinculum’s O2O suite of solution automated their online & offline business process processes to seamlessly fulfill all orders and manage their inventory effectively across channels.

  • Real-time tracking and a single view of Inventory to fulfill both online and offline orders on-time.
  • Point of Sales & Store management solution to enable paperless transactions.
  • An Intelligent system with Dashboard, Reporting and alerts to give real-time visibility of operations to management.
  • Integrated Warehouse management system for better management and tracking of inventory.
  • Order & Inventory Management System, with ready adaptors for web store and marketplaces integration.
  • Efficient allocation of inventory and fulfillment of online orders from inventory in stores.
  • Seamless Integration with Payment Gateways providers/partners.
  • Integration between channels enabled the creation of a common Customer Loyalty Program. Customers can now redeem their points through any sales channel.

Vinculum’s suite of products helped Pretty Secrets provide an Omni Channel experience to their customers. It allowed them to enable features like pickup from stores, ship from stores, buy online return at store etc. This not only increased their efficiency but also customer loyalty. 

Vinculum helps eTailers achieve their offline expansion plans by leveraging technologies like Real-time View of Inventory, Order Management System, and Warehouse Management System.

Read the complete story of how we helped PrettySecrets here.

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