Technologies for Cost Management in eCommerce Retailing

May 21, 2020
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Technologies for cost management in eCommerce retailing

eCommerce has emerged to be the backbone of global retailing in the past decade and eCommerce sales have reached a booming $2.3 trillion, worldwide.

From global giants to single-store owners, retailers prefer eCommerce as a leading sales channel to reach out to their customers and increase sales.

At this perspective, cost management remains an important matter of concern to stay ahead in the competition and to remain successful in the eCommerce arena.

eCommerce being a technology-backed way of selling supportive technologies can help effective cost management while not compromising on sales, reach and profit.

Let’s see a few important technologies that assist the eCommerce industry to manage the cost.

Social media commerce

Social media being a part of everyday life, combining your eCommerce business with social media platforms helps to cut the cost to a great extent.

Many popular social platforms have dedicated marketplace options and large groups of potential buyers whom your retailing business can reach with very little effort and expense.

Leading social media channels even offers payment processing technology to make your task furthermore easy.

Omnichannel retailing solutions

Omnichannel retailing is indeed, a cost-cutting technological approach for eCommerce retailers. As we know, omnichannel retailing is nothing but integrating multiple sales channels for effective business management.

When retailers make use of omnichannel marketing, chances of easily reaching out to new and old customers become effective, effortless and less expensive.

Omnichannel marketing helps your business to be visible on multiple platforms unlimited, based on your exact customer preferences.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an advanced technology that has emerged in the past decade that has high potential to support the eCommerce industry in multiple ways.

Digital marketing becomes more effective when AI is utilized as it learns customer behavior, buying capacity, customer preferences etc.

Artificial intelligence reduces the human effort to a great extent, helping retailers in cost-cutting and growth in profit. Artificial intelligence is the technological drive that is predicted to change the eCommerce industry largely in the coming days.

Inventory management solutions

Inventory management is the area of eCommerce industry that requires constant effort and large spending. Without a well-managed inventory, no retailer can survive in the eCommerce industry, thus compromising on the inventory management costs is suicidal.

Thanks to innovative technologies, various reliable inventory management solutions available to help eCommerce businesses to manage product inventories, cost-effectively. Many of the latest inventory management tools help real-time updates and automated solutions to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Supply chain solutions

No matter, how good are your products, if they fail to deliver on time, the chances of business failure are multiplied. Effective supply chain management is the key to make all your customers happy customers and retaining customers.

Speedy delivery, free returns, product replacement etc. should happen in a high-speed environment. Many leading global retailers are offering same-day delivery of the product to help customers with the same experience of direct buying from physical stores.

In this context using advanced supply chain management technologies helps cost-cutting and time-saving. Almost all eCommerce retailers make use of one or other supply chain management solutions to handle their product shipping process.

Customer care solutions

Being in touch with your customer is important, pre-sale and post-sale. Customer management solutions come for help here. At various processes of the sale, a customer may have to contact the retailer for details like product information, complaints, product tracking, payment issues and many more.

On-time solutions make customers satisfied with your service. Various customer care solutions are available for retailers to choose from. Text chat solutions, email support, call support etc. are the common customer care modes. The latest technology helps retailers to effectively be in touch with customers.

AI-based chat bots are the latest customer care technology used by most of the eCommerce platforms. They offer onetime installation cost and effort and lifelong free service.

Payment processing technologies

Payment processing is indeed, the business is all about. It has to be flawless, fast and reliable. Error in payment processing brings you a negative brand image.

To help you out with payment processing various payment processing technologies are available today. They are either integrated on your eCommerce platform to receive payments or outside the platform.

Payment through QR codes, mobile numbers, apps etc. are also available for eCommerce retailers to process their payments. All these advanced technologies help to sell to customers at any corner in the globe and receiving your payments globally.

Digital marketing solutions

Digital marketing is inevitable to eCommerce retailing as customers find new products and sellers online. If your brand is not visible online or you fail to announce your presence online, you miss a great deal of eCommerce business.

Various tools, software and platforms offer effective online presence. Every eCommerce brand needs to focus on digital marketing strategies to be in the front of the race. Digital marketing helps to cut the cost as it is less expensive compared to offline marketing, but greatly effective in helping your brand grow.


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