Quick tips from an Indonesian eCommerce start-up on selling better in Asia

November 2, 2020
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Indonesia is vigorously expanding the e-commerce market with enormous possibilities in SEA. Due to the increasing competition, the best operating e-commerce business is going to survive in the near future.

You might be wondering now, what can assure your brand progress despite the strong competition?

During varied research and case studies of different e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, we came across some of the approaches which might help your brand to improve online conversion rates and customer beliefs.

These studies would possibly assist you to formulate market strategies for your e-commerce platform –

Use offline to online promotional techniques

To accomplish 90% conversion rates (which is the number of sales halved by the total number of visitors), we must use offline-to-online promotional techniques to attract a wider customer base.

According to the surveys, Indonesia’s customers are doubtful to buy from online stores compared to offline stores.

So, how a brand should retain their offline customers to shop online as well?

Let’s say we are promoting e-vouchers, we must use various promotional techniques like advertising, pamphlets, and other modes to promote e-vouchers offer at all physical outlets.

Some of the advertising techniques widely used offline are

  • Banners outside physical outlets
  • Signage near the cash-counter
  • Window display

Whosoever is linked with your brand including sales staff, should know about the detailed information about the offers as well as web store presence. If you get the customer’s phone number or email id, it would be easy to keep them updated through promotional messages.

Online cancellations can be reduced through reminders

More than half of the customers are excited before the payment option while purchasing online due to various facets like authenticity and quality of the product. By using various tools for market analysis, we are familiar with the customers buying behaviors and interests widely.

To reduce online cancellations, a company should create an automated cancellation system for a specific period of time for due orders.

How does it work for your brand?
By establishing an automated cancellation system, our brand would be able to send reminders regarding payments in different phases like – Either send a reminder via mail after a day or asks about their difficulties over a call after two days.

According to customer feedback, it’s beneficial for those people who are a bit skeptical while making a purchase decision online. It also helps in building trust and loyalty among customers.

Reward your customers to build brand loyalty

Despite intense competition, the retention of customers and their loyalty towards a particular brand helps in increasing sales which in turn generates revenue.

Keeping clients close to the brand is a mind-blowing strategy to keep them related to the brand for as long as possible.

Following a few different ways may help in building a strong client base and brand loyalty :

  • Maintain quality and offer value – Understanding the need of your clients and fulfilling it takes a ton of difficult work. It surpasses the desire for the customer and makes it hard for your rivals to flatboat them.
  • Keep your customers informed – Extravagance is the way to comprehend the necessities of the clients. Advising them about the improvements in the market causes them to have faith in the requirement for your item.
  • Feeling of commonality – The sentiment of commonality accompanies trust and realness. Giving clients predictable help guarantees brand faithfulness.
  • Being Relevant – Word of mouth is the most grounded type of promotion. Impacting your customers with advancements publicizing without going through any cash makes it more convincing.
  • Surprise your clients – Pamper them with pleasant offers that can build your image dependability.
  • Keep your clients on top – Treating your clients with adaptable or appropriate administrations guarantees brand esteem.

Indonesia’s online business market is on target to be one of the biggest in Asia, using portable first stages to furnish all Indonesians with helpful admittance to buyer bundled products.

Online business was at increasing significant foothold in Indonesia preceding the pandemic, with the area one of the fundamental main thrusts behind the district’s development as South-east Asia’s largest digital economy.

Since more retailers and purchasers are now to investigate internet business choices, these developments could considerably accelerate. While online business was only a choice before this outbreak, it’s presently a basic need for the retailers and makers to sell their items through online business stages to endure. The drawn-out effect goes to be positive for online customers.


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