Ralali partners with Vinculum to fuel their growth

September 13, 2016
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Ralali partners with Vinculum to fuel their growth

All about Ralali

Ralali is one of leading Indonesia’s business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce marketplaces for maintenance, repair, and operational (MRO) products. The marketplace currently has around 50,000 unique product listings, as well over 700 product categories and more than 300,000 monthly visitors.

Key Challenges

As a growing enterprise, Ralali wanted to manage their increasing database of product data and enhance data quality. They wanted to provide convenience to customers, decrease transportation costs and deliver orders faster.

They needed to ensure a fantastic shopping experience for their customers, to enable customer delight. This could be achieved via a one-stop solution for managing and validating product information.

They required a solution to

  • Reduce their time to market.
  • Improve consistency across product listings.
  • Enable faster customer purchase decisions.
  • Deliver a fantastic shopping experience.

The Vinculum Solution

Vinculum implemented Vin PIM, Vinculum’s PIM solution which streamlines product information coming from multiple sources & provides consistency across all sales channels; enabling organizations to offer customers a great shopping experience.

How this helped Ralali

  • It eliminated duplicate and redundant information by 40%.
  • It reduced redundancies in product listings by 20%.
  • Ralali could configure and manage more than 800 product categories.
  • It enabled category-wise definition of product specifications to help Ralali utilize them for filter based search.
  • It allowed creation and management of multiple hierarchies required for multiple sales channels, corporates, and suppliers.
  • Vin PIM’s workflow manager helped Ralali define its processes for product registration ensuring correct, validated and consistent product information across the portal.
  • With organized and relevant product information, Ralali has:
    • Reduced its time to market.
    • Enabled cross-selling and upselling of products.
    • Improved the time taken by customers to make purchase decisions.

Customers were more engaged – since their shopping experience was made more enjoyable – with the addition of filter based search, consistent product information, reduced time to purchase etc.

What lies ahead?

Recently, Ralali raised a US$2.5 million series A funding round from Japan-based Beenos Plaza and CyberAgent Ventures. Ralali’s existing investors, East Ventures also participated in the round.

Going forward, the marketplace will use the fresh capital to expand the team, build out product development and marketing strategies, and bolster user acquisition.

Read the complete story of how we fueled Ralali’s growth here.

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