Scaling new trends with Shopnineteen – A Vin eRetail success story

January 15, 2016
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Scaling new trends with Shopnineteen – A Vin eRetail success story

Shopnineteen – Offbeat. In Vogue. Carefree. Forever young.

Shopnineteen is the ultimate online store aimed at bringing fashion that delights and spreads smiles, a brand of fashion that is fresh, young and preppy.

THE PROBLEM:  Challenges while scaling up:

Setup in 2012, the company initially managed all its orders manually. However, as they started to scale up, it became increasingly difficult to manage their orders and warehousing operations – resulting in issues like inventory mismanagement, loss of orders, delayed shipments, etc.

THE SOLUTION – How we helped:

We offer a SaaS-based suite – Vin eRetail which includes features such as order management, warehousing, inventory management, returns management etc. to enable multi-channel retailing for businesses.

Our robust system enabled them to:

  • Improve their repeat orders to over 70% of total monthly orders.
  • Integrate their business with leading marketplaces and front-end platforms.
  • Manage their orders smoothly and efficiently.
  • Optimize costs for business.

Mr. Gobind Pahwa, Founder, and CEO of Shopnineteen said it better – “Vinculum’s Vin eRetail provided us with an end to end solution to all our order fulfillment problems. We were lucky to get Vin eRetail on-board and have processes such as procurement, fulfillment, logistics, and inventory management all to be handled from one platform without having to invest heavily in such a technology.”

As an organization grows, it is important that the software solution is scalable enough to adapt to its changing needs. Noting this, Mr. Pahwa said – “Vin eRetail is flexible, scalable and adapts itself to our business processes so we don’t have to change the way we work.”

He echoed the thoughts of many of our clients as he signed off, saying “We can now concentrate on our core business proposition which is getting trendy and fast fashion out there to our customers without having to focus on areas such as operations management as that’s taken care of by Vin eRetail

Watch the complete interview here –

You can also download the complete case study here.

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