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SafetyKart turbocharges its business with Vinculum

  • October 7, 2016
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All about SafetyKart:

SafetyKart is an online destination that brings all the safety needs to one single place. SafetyKart partnered with Vinculum to streamline and manage critical business functions such as Returns Management, SKU Management, Inventory Management and Shipments which was causing the productivity levels to fall sharply.

Key Challenges:

SafetyKart required an eCommerce solution that would allow it to overcome the challenges it faced in order fulfillment and increase its operational efficiency.

They required a solution that –

  • Integrated their Prestashop front end with back-end operations.
  • Handled bulk orders timely and efficiently.
  • Enabled tracking of all orders.

The Vinculum Solution:

We implemented Vin eRetail, an end-to-end retail suite, to help SafetyKart transform its business operations, manage business functions better and improve productivity. Our one-stop solution automated the online retailer’s operations. It delivered the following –

  • Real-time tracking of Inventory
  • Efficient tracking of shipments to reduce turnaround time.
  • Efficient SKU management, enabling product listing on a single platform.
  • Single interface for all procurement related details such as – fast moving inventory, purchase orders etc.
  • Efficient Returns Management System to manage different return scenarios.
  • Reduced turnaround time with automated processes

The implementation of our solution meant that they could save on costs and resources due to automation of processes. They could streamline their operations, improve order fulfillment and inventory management.

Read the complete story of how we helped SafetyKart here.

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